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How much fruit does your child need to be given for breakfast?

As per the circadian rhythm of the body, having fruits till noon time is most conducive for good health. Shifting the breakfast habit of kids to only having fruits can be difficult as they may be used to a cooked breakfast. As a mother, school schedule and break timings can also add to the challenge to balance these factors. Here is my account of the type and quantity of fruits I provide to keep them satiated.

What is the best breakfast for kids?

Kids need to also start their day with the food that comes predigested in nature - fruits. Read more about the importance of fruits here.

Practicalities of shifting to a fruit breakfast

Many parents have asked me regarding a fruit breakfast for school going kids. They believe that they become hungry and they are deprived of the option of eating again at school.

My kids are aged 13 and 10. I started doing portion regulation with fruits and a cooked breakfast together for my kids. I would increase the portion of fruits every week by a percentage. Soo, there came a time in one to two months that they got used to a fruit breakfast.

Here is a plate of organic fruits. If you can’t get organic, please replace with the regular fruits too.1/4 papaya, 1 banana, 1 chickoo. We balance with pomegranates too. Papaya and banana are the volumetric fruits that add volume to the breakfast. If they eat this at 7:30 am, it’s good to keep them occupied till about 10:30 am, when it is time for snack break.

Ideas for snack break

  • 200ml of smoothies such as thiswill keep them satisfied till lunch time . At lunch time, a whole food plant based cooked meal can be provided.
  • Instead of smoothie one can also send an orange 🍊 in season.
  • Cucumbers or carrots with peanut butter as a dip is also a great snack if smoothies cannot be managed.

Try to stick to fruits in the morning as much as possible because it does not consume a lot of energy in digestion. Have fun !

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02:52 PM | 30-01-2019

Hi Asha

I had not seen this comment

1) Fussy eating habits happen when their gut needs to clean up from all the diary and meat and acidic foods that they typically have. My kids were fussy ones too before they went vegan.
Ok coming back to the question on how much is enough. We won’t know how much each child needs until we get a feedback the next day that he needed more. It’s always a trial and error with each child and it’s unique. My older one needs less lunch and more smoothie for snack and my younger one needs a little more lunch. Hunger is fine as long as we don’t make them starve daily. Taking feedback will also ensure that they pay attention to the food and the feelings associated with the food being offered to them.

2) morning rush hr - this is a challenging one. Yes it can be made the prev day and stored in a glass bottle. Don’t use plastic for any plant foods or drinks or salads. Use only steel or glass . Glass being the best . Making something and feeding them few hrs old smoothie is better than not feeding at all for lack of time.
I quit my job in dec 2018 and until then I had a Job in an IT firm. So my kids are now 13 and 8, but I am trying most of the food changes since my younger one was 4-5. Make up your mind and as you keep taking small steps, progress will happen.


02:52 PM | 29-01-2019

Smita, I recommended this article to several friends. There are some questions, hope you can address them.

1) My kid does not eat anything in the morning before school as she is a very fussy eater. Do you think just a smoothie or fruits for breakfast is enough for her till lunch time?

2) I don't have time to make so many things in the morning. Can I make them previous day and refridgerate?


02:57 PM | 18-01-2019

hehe.....the pleasure is ours smitha.


10:40 PM | 17-01-2019

Thanks for publishing 😇

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