My journey from chronic inflammation in joints and respiratory allergy to a healthy life

Richa experienced lower back pain since childhood. However, it increased enormously post the delivery of her baby. She also suffered from chronic respiratory allergy and severe joint pains. She struggled to find the right treatment for her problem until she learnt about following a natural lifestyle. It transformed her life. Read her story below.


34 years, Writer

Kathmandu, Nepal

My health struggles

Ever since I was a young teenager, I suffered from mild lower back pain. Thinking of it to be an effect of my involvement in gymnastics, I did not give it much thought. But, as time passed by and I began my office job, the pain became more severe. I tried to manage my career and shooting pain simultaneously. In the year 2014, I got married and moved to Mumbai for six months. It was during this period that I started experiencing respiratory allergy too. I had trouble breathing correctly and would keep sneezing to the extent that almost every day, I took anti-histamines to lead a normal life.

In 2015 my husband and I moved to Chennai and I delivered my first baby the following year. Few months post-delivery, the back pain became severe as it spread from the lower back including sciatica to shoulder, knees and even smaller joints like fingers. My doctor diagnosed me with Polyarthralgia, a medical condition where pain occurs in several joints of the body. I was advised to take steroids, muscle relaxants & nerve pain relievers. It was shocking for me that in every episode of an increase in pain, I was put to bed rest, yet it was never enough to bring me permanent relief from the chronic pain. Besides, respiratory allergy had gone so bad that many times I rushed to the emergency ward of the hospital.

I was struggling to manage my own body, my child and my life as a whole - everything seemed to have lost sense. After thorough check-ups, MRI reports, I took a lot of advice, suggestions and medicines to improve my condition. Instead of solving my problem, the medication aggravated the issue. I felt constipated all the time and became almost bed-ridden with pain. As time passed, my pain did not subside. There came a point when I started feeling guilty about not being able to play with my now 2-year old child.

Blessings came my way

I wanted an effective solution, but nothing was working out. Fortunately, I happened to talk to a friend, Swatantra Kalra. Swatantra had overcome her asthma by following a natural lifestyle. She became my health coach to get me out of my struggle and painful situation. Through her, I got introduced to Nature Cure, and my recovery started in a matter of months.

With Swatantra’s constant support, I started taking baby steps towards integrating natural lifestyle into my routine. As I had a chronic issue that had restricted my mobility, I put entire focus in making dietary changes. Since April 2019, I made the following changes in my diet:

  • I soaked fennel seeds the night before and consumed fennel tea every morning.
  • For breakfast, I ate a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits.
  • For lunch, I ate a salad that comprised of tomato, cucumber, carrot with a dash of green vegetable in pure raw form. After half an hour of consuming it, I would eat a bowl of steamed seasonal veggies. I always included a green leaf in my bowl of steamed vegetables; be it spinach, coriander or mint.
  • I munched on almonds, lotus seeds along with a cup of fennel tea in the evening.
  • Whenever I felt hunger pangs, I ate bananas. Every day, I also sipped fresh coconut water.
  • During the first few days, I ate home-made idli sambhar, besan chila, moong dal chila for dinner. Gradually I noticed that eating more of the easy to digest foods such as fruits and vegetables and avoiding difficult to digest foods such as grains, was helping me feel better. As I started noticing this, I stopped eating all type of grains. I included drumstick soup in my dinner and most of the days, I took only steamed veggies; sans salt.
  • I cut off dairy and wheat from my diet.

Apart from diet changes, I soaked up the sun for a long duration. I took my hour-long afternoon nap to refresh myself. I mixed nutmeg oil with carrier oils and applied on my body before bedtime to relax my body into a good night’s sleep. I used lavender oil to overcome breathing difficulties.

I followed the above for a few months and became free of all pain, breathing difficulties and sneezing.

I am still off dairy, but gradually I have started eating wheat. I have brought in more diversity to my food by adding in millets.

My life changed forever

Having suffered from pain from teenage and seeing health deteriorate rapidly since the last few years, the period from April 2019 till now has made me come alive; once again! I can now stand still for long (which was a task before), cook meals for my family, drop my kid to school - a 1 km walk which is a milestone for someone who struggled to stand and was once prescribed steroids for survival. I also had energy loss episodes earlier, which completely subsided in the first few weeks of this natural diet. I feel light and sorted. I feel I am much more aware and equipped to handle situations at physical as well as mental level.

I have also realised that recovery is not an immediate process as our body needs time. I am still going through healing crises - got a gastric attack last month which changed my routine again. But now I know how to sail through it confidently by supporting my body’s self-healing powers rather than depending on medicines. I do experience physical pain in back and legs if I exert too much or climb stairs, but I take it as body’s signal to slow down. I don’t wheeze or sneeze all day long, but if I go out in dust and pollution, I take care of myself and wear a mask. Such small changes here and there help a lot and keep me free of medicines, medical emergencies, pain, forced rest and what not! I am a positive person now who enjoys life thanks to my health coach Swatantra who introduced me to Nature Cure.


(About Richa: I am a writer, energy healer, and a full-time mother who loves to spend time with my toddler. I am basically from Delhi and love to explore new places and cultures. Nature fascinates me - quietness, abundance and richness of nature have always inspired me. I love to write poems too. I believe, if we all are in sync with the universe mentally and spiritually, life becomes a joy.)

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Thank you Smitha!


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Great turn of events towards positivity! Be blessed

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