Healing from thyroid and improving my energy by living a nature synced lifestyle

Living a stressful, erratic lifestyle due to job demands, Jyoti discovered that she had a thyroid problem. In spite of being on medication, she still experienced mood swings, low energy and weight issues. Her search for a solution led her on a journey of self-development, spirituality, energy healing and resyncing with nature’s cycles to experience the healing of mind and body. Read her inspiring story here.

Jyoti Bhawsar

36 years, Angelic Reiki Master

Almere, Netherlands

My story began 9 years back in 2010. I come from a hard corenon-vegetarian family. Non-vegetarian food was pretty much my daily fare.

I was an air hostess in Oman airways. I wasn’t into cooking so relied a lot on takeaways or whatever else was available. Sure enough, my body had started to show signs of my bad food habits and lifestyle. I used to feel extreme body heat and was losing weight too. I had lost almost 11 kgs. When I got myself tested, I found out that my thyroid was malfunctioning and started on thyroid medication.

Soon I moved back to India and joined Kingfisher airways. My work was less stressful and I was now able to have home-cooked food but it was frustrating to see that issues with my thyroid continued. Something didn’t add up.

Conceiving my son

I had taken medicines for almost a year. With the erratic work hours as an air hostess, I would often forget or miss taking medication so I gradually stopped the pills.

I conceived my son Ashwath in the year 2012. Pregnancy was a smooth affair. After a year I started experiencing some symptoms again – I was tired very often and had gained weight. I underwent some tests and based on the results my gynaecologist advised me to restart thyroid medication.

Stopping non-veg food

There was a deep desire in me to change as I was not happy from the inside and outside. During my pregnancy, I had started reading a lot of spiritual books and practicing yoga. In a sense, this was a period of growth and change in me. All this introspection and reading led me to give up non-veg food. This shift happened organically. I was no longer drawn to such foods.

Getting into energy healing

In 2013 we moved to the UK. I was still on pills, and even with the pills I would experience mood swings and would often feel agitated. In 2014, we again moved, this time to the Netherlands. My son started school and I now had time for new ventures. I started learning and practising energy healing using Angelic Reiki. I had become sensitive to energies - of my energy field and those of my clients. I was more in tune with my body but was feeling a discomfort. Though my food intake was quite less, I was still gaining weight. I wanted to heal myself and get rid of medication. I started following random Youtubers and tried various kinds of diets. I even tried being only on juices for some time but soon got bored of the whole thing.

The shift

In 2018, at my son’s school, I met up with my friend Bhagyashri. During our chat, I came to know that she was a vegan and had given upon animal-based foods. This was the first time I heard about this lifestyle and it piqued my interest. I thought I should give it a try too. She told me that a New Year online detox program run by her friend Asha Shivaram was starting soon and I decided to join it.

The program gave me some insights to Nature Cure way of life, in particular, the circadian rhythm. I also learnt about the unsuitability of dairy products for humans. I gave up on milk and its products immediately. Within a week, I noticed a shift in my happiness quotient, and I was waking up happy and feeling lighter.

I continued with a plant-based lifestyle even after the program ended. Within 2 months, I lost 7 to 8 kgs – the excess weight which I was carrying since my son’s conception had dropped off effortlessly. I was following the circadian cycle and used to have only fruits as breakfast, salads along with cooked lunch and a light dinner. Following this cycle was helping my body to detox and heal.

In April, I got a full body checkup done and found that my thyroid levels were below normal. So my doctor advised me to stop the medication. To be sure, I repeated the test after a couple of months and it was confirmed that my thyroid levels were normal. Freedom from almost 9 years of pills! It was indeed a big relief.

Many other good benefits followed. My body was healing from within - I was losing the excess weight, my hair fall had stopped, frizziness of hair reduced and dark circles under my eyes reduced considerably.

I became a better healer

Shifting to a plant-based diet has had a significant benefit on my energy levels too. I feel my energy at the highest vibration. I can stand for hours together for energy healing. I have so much stamina. Body and mind feel much lighter now.

My daily routine

  • I wake up at 5 a.m., do some light stretching on my bed. After my bath, I do yoga and start with getting my son ready for school. I get busy in the morning with client appointments. Fruits or fruit juices for breakfast after 16 hours of intermittent fasting works well for me and fits into my busy morning schedule.
  • For lunch which is around 12:00 or 12:30, I have a homemade meal - salad and roti made of whole wheat, jowar or ragi.
  • If I feel hungry in the evening, I snack on some nuts or rajgira laddoos, date laddoos and the like.
  • We have a light dinner by 6:30 p.m. which is usually dal, cooked millets like sama rice and other potatoes and vegetables. I prefer a light dinner or sometimes just fruits.
  • I love making simple food for myself and my family; the craving for different types of food or eating out have entirely disappeared.
  • I keep myself active with Yoga and Kathak.
  • I also make it a point to get daily sun time – I spend time with my son outdoors or walk/sit in my garden.
  • We all prefer to sleep early. By 8:30 p.m., the Wi-Fi is off, and 9 p.m. is bedtime.


The benefits of a plant-based lifestyle have been many and I love it. I wish to continue further on my health journey. I still need to heal the breakouts on my skin. In the coming year 2020, I wish to give up my habit of drinking tea. I would also like to start waking up early by around 4:30 a.m. as I believe it gives me an extra hour of quiet ‘me’ time. All in all, it has been a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for me.

(About Jyoti Bhawsar – Jyoti is a certified Angelic Reiki Master ( living in the Netherlands with her lovely husband and son. She was born and brought up in India and was previously a flight attendant by profession. Having lived and travelled in different countries, she believes we are all connected. She believes that Veganism has opened doors to a huge wealth of information and has helped her to meet people from all walks of life which has helped her understand how different forms of oppression work and how we oppress non-human animals and humans as well.)

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