My triumph over diabetes and thyroid

Bhavya faced tough times battling 3 failed pregnancies, diabetes and thyroid, all over a span of 7 years. Her health issues and medicines just kept increasing from time to time. She was mentally and physically exhausted, until she learnt about Natural Living. Following a holistic approach to health helped her become disease free and medicine free. Read her courageous story here.

Bhavya K R
36 years, Engineer - IBM

An abortion and diagnosed with diabetes

“There is something wrong with your foetus”, said the doctor. I was 24, had been married for just 6 months and this was a rude shock. I had hormonal imbalance, I was given hormonal injections but they didn’t work and I had a spontaneous abortion. I was asked to go for a full body check-up which revealed that my sugar levels were very high.

I was put onto insulin injections and prescribed life-long medication for diabetes. I started taking injections twice a day. There were a lot of food restrictions - I was told what I can or cannot eat, how often I should eat, etc. Whenever I went to my diabetes specialty clinic, I would come back feeling more depressed as there seemed to be no hope.

Failed pregnancies, thyroid and cholesterol

After a year, in 2007, I conceived again. I had a caesarean delivery as doctors told me that was the best option for a diabetic. This made me very worried for me and the baby. But by god’s grace I delivered a healthy baby boy and prayed he would not have any health complications in life.

The period between 2007 – 2013 was very frustrating time with regards to health. I had 3 failed pregnancies and the doses of medication only kept increasing. The failed pregnancies were very taxing both physically and emotionally. I was diagnosed with thyroid in 2010. The doctor added cholesterol medication as he said it is needed for diabetes management.So I was taking medicines for thyroid, diabetes and cholesterol. It became difficult to carry on with the day-to-day routine as I felt extremely drained out and low on energy. I started putting on weight and could hardly sleep through the nights. I remember feeling irritable most part of the day and started withdrawing from friends and family.

Amidst all these health challenges and medicines, in 2013, I was pregnant again. This was my fifth pregnancy and I went through a lot of turmoil. I was extremely apprehensive about how the medicines would impact the baby I was carrying. I would feel helpless and just keep my fingers crossed that my baby remains unaffected and safe! Soon my prayers were answered and I was blessed with my second child, my daughter.

Looking for a permanent solution

Since my daughter’s birth in 2013, I had started experiencing lot of mood swings, especially around my menstruation time, followed by heaviness in the breasts. These mood swings were really scary as I had started showing my anger even on my 2 year old daughter. I was also worried that every few years I would have one health issue or the other and the medicines just kept increasing. I knew medicines were not solving my problem. I desperately wished to heal myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Turning point

I started researching on the internet and came to know about people who cured themselves through lifestyle changes. I read a newspaper article about a person who reversed her diabetes by following a whole plant based diet, under Sharan’s guidance. This caught my attention. I found out more about Sharan and attended a workshop conducted by their consultant Anubha Kothari.

Through this workshop I learnt the connection between food and health. I realised food has a key role in reversing diseases. So many things that we eat as per family routine and habit, are actually not in line with what nature has designed for us. I learnt that we must listen to our body and eat only when hungry. I learnt that food can be made without oil, desserts can be made without sugar and milk can be from non animal sources. I was happy to try out healthy food that was yummy too!!

I used to worry that seeing me eat medicines frequently my kids would start believing that these tablets are food. After attending the workshop, the thought of leading a medicine free life was so liberating. I was convinced to do the changes.

Switching to Natural Foods

Being diabetic, I was deprived of fruits while on medication. Now I started consuming more fruits and I thoroughly enjoyed, especially my favourite fruit - mango. I try not to eat anything before 12 pm and have only coconut water. After this, I consume fruits with some nuts. I also started eating a lot of vegetables in raw form, in the form of salads. I have dinner before 8 pm, at around 6:30/7.

I reduced my intake of grains as they are acidic in nature. When I feel like having grains, I consume whole foods like ragi roti, makki roti, besan chilla , moong chilla (that Is called pessarettu in the south), all of them with a lot of vegetables.

I stopped consuming white sugar, iodized salt, refined oil, packaged foods, non vegetarian and dairy. Giving up non-veg was not difficult as I was never too fond of it. But I used to have a lot of dairy in the form of milk, buttermilk, curd. Giving up dairy was a big thing for me. Once I stopped it, I observed my mood swings were gone. That’s when I understood I was on induced mood swings, induced by hormone laden dairy.

Moving away from un-friendly products

I started using only steel utensils for cooking, no aluminium, non stick or micro wave. I had learnt chemicals interfere with our body functions and hence come in the way of good health. I stopped using the medicated toothpaste that was prescribed by my doctor after my root canal, began bathing only with water and applied no soap, washed my hair with shikakai and applied no creams or sunscreen lotions. In just a few days of this change, there was a huge impact on my thyroid levels.

A deeper connection with self and nature

I do yoga regularly. I enjoy meditation and remaining mindful. I expose myself to sunlight as this is the source of our energy. I involve my family also in all this, we visit parks together, climb hills together which my kids enjoy a lot. I rarely visit malls and make an effort to be in the midst of nature whenever possible.

Most importantly, to complement the above, I try to be happy. I started writing gratitude diary which helped me a lot .I focus on sleeping well. I kept full faith in the healing abilities of my body, I am always positive.

The big impact

With all these changes, I started experiencing magic in my body. The first thing I observed was that my energy levels increased and my sleep improved. Under the guidance of Anubha , I was able to get rid of all medications within 3-4 months of starting my journey of Natural Living. It was like a miracle and dream come true for me. All medicines were gone – diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol. I had been taking them for 10 years!!

My family joins in

Slowly but steadily, my children too started following my path as they love the taste of food I make. Becoming aware about the cruelty of the dairy and meat industry, and also seeing changes in my health, they are completely convinced that a whole plant based lifestyle is the way to remain healthy. It’s been 2 years since my kids have not been to a doctor. They often joke with me that they want to visit a doctor or take sick leaves, like other kids do. I sit back and smile thinking this is a good problem to solve.

My husband also enjoys this new lifestyle with us, though outside home he does enjoy his non-veg too.

Moving ahead in life happily

Health has been good and occasional minor issues such as cough cold, headache, bodyache are healed by the body itself through natural measures.

To conclude, there is no looking back. I am grateful that I lead a fearless life, I am confident, I have full faith in the healing capabilities of my body. Truly, a holistic approach of Natural Living has gifted me with a wonderful way of being. I hope and pray more people follow this path and lead a healthy life.

(About Bhavya K R: Bhavya works as an engineer with IBM. She loves reading biographies, drawing and running. She has participated in many 10 km runs).

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food and lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. Wellcure believes that each human body is unique and hence no Health Journey should be construed as a "cure". The views expressed by the user in the above Health Journey are his/her personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

01:53 PM | 03-08-2019

Once the journey through that phase is complete and once we get to know that we r disease free ...there is no measure for that kinda happiness 👍👍


05:14 AM | 25-05-2019

This is a beautiful story of turn around! Thanks for sharing


05:14 AM | 25-05-2019

This is a beautiful story of turn around! Thanks for sharing


11:38 PM | 12-03-2019

Its amazing to read what I have seen you doing in those years of transformation.. Happy to see your journey being inspiration to others..Feel blessed to share the bond of friendship with you.


07:23 AM | 07-03-2019

Wonderful share thankew..


02:29 PM | 07-02-2019

hi vandhana. If you would like to connect with Bhavya over a call, send me a message by clicking on my profile.....I'll share her number with you.


10:49 AM | 07-02-2019

Hello Vandhana..I got rid of thyroid by going chemical free...which includes tooth paste,bath soap,creames,deodrants to name a few...I got rid of whole lot of chemical stuff we use in our daily life


01:29 AM | 07-02-2019

Hello Bhavya I would like to know more from you about how you cured yourself of thyroid as I have the same issue

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