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03:48 PM | 15-11-2019

Hi. I am having bleeding gums since last 2 years. I maintain sufficient oral hygiene, but it is not good enough. As per dentist's I have crowded teeth structure which causes more food particles to remain between the gums and teeth. This causes bacterial formation and finally bleeding. What should I do?

10:07 AM | 13-11-2019

From last few days,feeling extreme fatigue along with leg and back pain,it happened after joining the job where before three months too was in another job where schedule was damn hectic than now,yes i had some improper sleep in past few days where last two days it was good sleep then also feeling extreme fatigue and sudden hunger arises. What is the issue and how to solve?

01:09 PM | 15-11-2019

I want to remove spectacles , my eye sight is around 2.

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