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06:39 PM | 25-07-2019

Can i use rose water on my face as i get lot of sweat specially when i do morning excercise and walking so can i use rose water or any other toner can u recommend me???? Thanks :)

06:35 PM | 25-07-2019

I can't pass gas,have constipation,chest pain sometimes,water in burps ,help me please I have anxiety too , health anxiety

02:00 PM | 26-07-2019

12:35 PM | 26-07-2019

09:50 AM | 26-07-2019

Allergy rhinitis treatment? I am suffering from last 4 months?

09:16 AM | 26-07-2019

Is there any natural treatment for IBS. I am suffering last 1 year. I make 2-3 visits to wash room with stomach pain in lower part of stomach. Other symptoms include Gas, frequent urination in the morning

06:31 PM | 25-07-2019

Hello I m 28 yr old my heart related tests blood test every thing is normal doctor told me that it is because of stress n anxiety n told me to do yoga I m doing it from past 2 weeks but no development still shoulder pains chest discomfort please help me out with this

06:38 PM | 25-07-2019

I have very bad acne since 10 year.. How can I cure this

09:55 AM | 24-07-2019

I have dark circles under my eye give a solution for it

03:11 PM | 25-07-2019

How to balance harmones naturally with food?

01:33 PM | 24-07-2019

Hello, I've been having digestive issue for the past month, unable to eat anything. Whatever I eat just gets thrown out. Also, I have a feeling of severe hormonal imbalance. I'm feeling pain in my uterus but I had periods only last week. Are there any remedies I can try?

09:38 AM | 26-07-2019

Pimples and spots on my face how to get rid of it?

09:41 AM | 26-07-2019

Hello.... I'm getting alot of hairfall from winters. Please help me to solve my problem with natural hair remides?

11:30 AM | 26-07-2019

06:27 PM | 25-07-2019

How to deal with posttrauma elbow osteoairthitis naturally suffering with it from 2yrs.. Please any one answer my answer?

11:40 AM | 16-07-2019

How can we treat dark circles naturally. Pls suggest

Body Wisdom
10:15 AM | 25-07-2019

12:13 PM | 17-12-2018

How to avoid laziness

09:25 AM | 24-07-2019

My stools test shows bacteria +++.. Used zanocin at first for 5 days.. But no improvement.. Suffering from having loose stool with very strange smell... Stomach cramps.. My doctor prescribed me metrogyl and refagut.. But i dont know i m improving or not.. Bcoz of side effects

03:57 PM | 25-07-2019

How to reduce stress?? It was continues to head pain.. Please give good suggestion.

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