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Detox 2019 - Week 2, Post 2

Move your body

Detoxing is not only about a change in diet but also other aspecs one of which is exercise. Toxins in the blood make it sluggish in movement and this affects the energy we experience throughout the day.

In nature, no animal takes out a specific time from its day for exercise. They are busy with their activities. Children too are happy and active whole day. But our present high cooked food diet and stress slowly makes our mind and bodies rigid. If your diet is as per nature then keeping active with daily work is sufficient exercise. However, modern day lifestyle necessitates a little time for exercise.

So, lets get moving. Movement is life!

Lot has been written by experts about exercise about it and you already know its benefits. In brief:

  • Exercise improves muscle strength, balance and brings back flexibility to the body
  • Exercise releases several feel good hormones and can bring back enthusiasm to your day
  • Exercise is important for good circulation of body fluids. Exercise helps nutrients to reach all parts of the body and body wastes to be eliminated
  • It is a way to get back in touch with oneself and give gratitude to the flexibility and strength of our body.

A point to note is that when the body is toxic, blood movement is sluggish. We feel dull and lethargic and disinclined to exercise. But no exercise makes us even more lethargic – a vicious cycle. So it is necessary to bring in some intention and will power – atleast till we have set a regimen.

What is the best form of exercise?

  • Whatever you like doing, done with mindfullness.
  • Make sure it has a wide range of motions like twisting, bending, jumping, stretching etc.
  • The best form of exercise is slow, intense, rhythmic with the breath. Yoga falls inthis category

If you are not yet in the habit of daily exercise, maybe these tips will help you

  • Play with your children outdoors
  • Even 15 minutes of intense exercises at home with some lunges, squats, planks, burpees, pushups etc
  • Climb stairs
  • Dancing, cycling, some gardening etc
  • Outdoor brisk walking combined with stretching
  • Take up a sport - preferably one you can do outdoors.

Exercise should bring about a feeling of relaxation and stretchability of the whole body

When to exercise?

Morning is the best time. If not, in the evening. Make sure your stomach is empty. Minimum 3 hours after a meal .

Exercise should not be about:

  • Punishing your body
  • Pushing yourself beyond your limits
  • Competing with someone just to prove a point
  • Compensation for eating the wrong food
  • An excuse to sit around rest of the day

Make sure you do some warm up and cool down and also if in doubt check with your doctor before starting. For some medical conditions and during pregnancy, exercise should be done under supervision.

Where to exercise?

Preferable outdoors in a clean environment like a park or your garden.

Next best is at home with the windows open.

An active and poised lifestyle is the best form of exercise.

In case of chronic conditions, please check with your doctor before starting exercises.

Leaving you with a nice video about how to make healthy habits stick. This can be applied effectively for exercising.

Get Healthy Habits by Nandini Gulati

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