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Detox 2019 - Week 2, Post 3

How is it going with the exercise?

Did you update your journal with your activity log?

Make it a point to postpone your meal till you have had atleast ten minutes of some kind of activity. You will note that it improves digestion. You will also come to know if the hunger you are experiencing is true or false.

For example, you had lunch at office, spent all the time sitting, came back home and plan to have dinner. Instead of immediately having dinner, do 10 to 15 minutes of activity – run around with your child, do household chores, go for a brisk walk, do some stretching and then allow food in your mouth.

Let’s talk about detox symptoms now

If you are following the recommendations , in particular fruit breakfast and intermittent fasting, you may be experiencing one of these symptoms -

Cold, cough, sneezing, fevers, headaches., loose motions, skin rashes etc

This is a good sign.

The internal toxins which were locked up deep inside are being released. Do not interrupt the process of cleansing, let it continue without interruptions which means avoid taking new medicines to suppress them or have heavy to digest foods like grains, dairy, processed,cooked or oily food.

  • Rest when experiencing these symptoms
  • Give physiological rest so that body can concentrate on healing. Avoid eating when not hungry. If hungry have juicy fruits, diluted fruit juices or coconut water
  • Avoid arguments, stress and worries at this time

Our body is always working towards health and getting us back to balance. Please listen to the body’s signals and take your best actions. Rest, rest, rest. Your body is asking for it.

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