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Detox 2019 - Week 2, Post 4

Yesterday we spoke about how detox symptoms are good. Let’s understand some more.

Growing up, in my house, once in a couple of months, a day would be earmarked for cleanup of the house. No cooking would be done and all family members were expected to pitch in and engage in cleaning activities. All stuff in the house would be examined, useless things thrown out, other things rearranged, windows and doors cleaned up etc.. I am sure you can relate. This is also a similar concept used in religious fasting.

This is what the body tries to do. As we gave a break to the body by intermittent fasting and easy to digest food in the form of fruits, the body got time and resources for long pending clean up. All cells (akin to family members) co-operate and engage in cleanup. Now the waste produced after cleanup has to be thrown out. The body uses the usual channels of skin, lungs and kidneys for elimination. When wastes are too much, special channels of elimination are opened up viz the mucous membranes. So we may experience running nose, eyes, sneezing, ear discharge, phlegm build up etc. Experiencing fever is also welcome as the raised temperature is a wonderful way of speeding up cleanup. So congratulate yourself and bear the process with gratitude to your body. It is always forgiving us for the excesses .

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Its the weekend again

Please update your journal again, be mindful of eating and exercise during this time as it is easy to slip.

Next week we will up our intake of vegetables. Make sure to stock up on seasonal vegetables and green leafy veggies.

Till next week, stay happy, stay healthy and get some outdoor time.

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