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Detox 2019 - Week 3 , Post 3

A salad can be a complete meal

A salad need not be relegated to the side of the plate.

The trick to a yummy salad which you will eat Is

  • The quality of the produce
  • The mix which should involve a good combo of textures and colours
  • The dressing
  • The cuts of the vegetables
  • Volume to your salad by adding some steamed potatoes, beans, corn, peas or sprouts so you dont feel hungry later.

If you are still a beginner in eating salads, grate the vegetables fine, mix with the dressing and eat. As time passes, you can opt for bigger cuts

Quixk tip : A spiralizer or a julienne peeler can be used make veg noodles. You can use vegetables like zucchini, beetroot etc. Make a mix of avocado+basil or soaked nuts+coriander etc and mix with the spiralized vegetables. This is a fun way to make the entire family eat more vegetables.

Different ways to eat vegetables

Among vegetables give preference to watery vegetables like gourds pumpkins, squash, bottle/snake/rigge gourds, chow chow instead of starchy ones like potatoes if you are looking for weight loss and good amount of detox

Don’t like eating salads yet?

Then have vegetables as

  • Dry sabzi
  • Veg gravy
  • Soups
  • Cutlets
  • Veg chutneys
  • Mashed up with seasoning
  • Baked vegetables
  • Some tender vegetable peels can also be used in chutneys
  • Snack break – Have veg soup or salad or steamed veg
  • Root vegetables like potatoes, yams etc can satisfy your starch cravings instead of grains.
  • Add veggies liberally to rotis, dosas, upma etc

Have more of this before you have your grains provided you are still hungry.

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