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Detox 2019 - Week 3, Post 4

Post 4: The practice of gratitude

Let’s end this week with the *practice of gratitude.* I think you may already know about this practice of expressing gratitude so not sharing it in too much detail. In short,

We don’t realize many times how blessed we are. We need to consciously bring back our attention to thanksgiving.

What we focus on we attract. Energy flows where attention goes.

Toxic negative thoughts are very powerful in creating toxins within the body.

Let’s focus on beginning and ending our day with gratitude

Lets add entries to our journal with daily gratitude till the end of the program. Lets get atleast 5 entries everyday. It is more fun if we can think of new items for gratitude everyday. It forces us to think and evaluate about all our areas of life for which we can count our blessings.

A blog and meditation for you to get started over the weekend.

Gratitude: Your complete guide.

Lotus of gratitude

You can also do your own gratitude meditation to give gratitude for each and every body part.

  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe deeply for a couple of minutes and connect to your body.
  • Focus on each body part, breathe into it and express gratitude for that body part. For example – you may say “Thank you my eyes for helping me experience this beautiful world in all its myriad colors”
  • Continue for all body parts
  • End the meditation by feeling the peace flowing in you.

Gratitude = Great attitude!

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