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Detox 2019 - Week 4, Post 4

Handle cravings

Changing long standing habits may be difficult and cravings may strike anytime. Conditioned since the time we were in our mother’s womb, food is many things to us.

How to handle cravings for unhealthy food?

If we use food as a means to handle unprocessed emotions, we are likely to repeat it because we have made the habit stronger. The main strategy here is to observe and go for delayed gratification. Observing ourselves helps us understand what emotions are behind the craving. Is it craving for comfort or boredom, lack of loving ourselves, company of friends or really an authentic message from our body?

  • Craving for sweets - Evening is the time when craving for sweets hit. It may be a sign of low energy. Keep something handy like dates, raisins or this fruit laddoo.Maybe it is also a sign to slow down? Deep breathing helps too.
  • Craving for fats? Have a few unsalted nuts.
  • Craving for namkeens or something salty – Have a salad with lot of greens or veg sabzi. Some veggies like radish, celery, greens are naturally salty.
  • Craving for tea or coffee – Have herbal tea or a watery soup. It may indicate that you need a pick-me-up as you are tired. Take some rest or a quick nap.
  • Craving for a snack? Or is it boredom or an emotional need? Try to address it or stay with the emotion

Use your journal

Let us try not to seek comfort through food always. Journaling helps to see understand what is behind the need. It also helps us to understand what we ate the previous day, how much we slept etc which has a bearing on cravings. When we are emotionally high on something, we are likely to make the wrong choices.

Use distraction

Play with your kids, watch something, listen to music, chant something, talk to someone, Go for a walk etc and then address your hunger pangs if it is still there.

An adequately nourished body won’t ask for more food once satiated. Once the gut is clean and assimilation improves, cravings reduce. The longer we stay with the habit of eating healthier, the better the food tastes and the easier it gets. Our tastebuds will adapt and we will learn to love the things that are good for us.

Manage the supply at home

Though this is hard, manage the supply of processed food at home. Eating something at home before going for shopping or having an already made list stops you from making unhealthy choices.

Think and plan ahead for scenarios on how u will handle alluring situations. Planning always helps.

In spite of all our well-meaning intentions, slip ups happen. Don’t beat yourself about it. Tomorrow is a new day. You can balance it out by eating something healhier for the next meal - preferably raw.

Meanwhile enjoy the process of unlearning, learning, re-learning. Stay committed to your health. Enlist the help of a friend, family member or a community to keep you on the path.

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It is the weekend again. Try these and let me know your experiences by commenting below.

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