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Detox 2019 - Week 5, Post 1

Welcome to the penultimate week of this detox program. Summary of what we discussed so far:

  • Fruits for breakfast or anytime
  • Understand detox symptoms
  • Circadian rhythm & Intermittent fasting – have all your food within an 8 hour period
  • Exercise and remaining active throughout the day
  • Increase intake of vegetables especially in raw form
  • Fruits and vegetables should be 80% to 85% of our diet
  • Give gratitude and journal 5 things you are grateful for everyday
  • Avoid animal products as they are hard to digest, have no fibre and tax the system
  • Handle your cravings mindfully

Today’s topic is sunlight.

We often neglect the importance of daily exposure to sunlight for good health. Most of the time the focus is mainly on food.

  • Sun is the primary source of life because its energy drives all life and processes on our planet. It is the 1st level of nutritional energy available on the planet.
  • 2nd level of energy is plants which capture this energy with photosynthesis and stores it in all its parts
  • Herbivores access the second level by eating the produce of plants and this becomes the 3rd level
  • Further on come carnivores, scavengers etc form 4th in the chain.

Every step further in along the chain is a step down in the quality of energy.

So why not go for the best the best quality i.e go for the source - direct energy of the Sun by sunbath or sun exposure.

Importance of Sunlight

  • Many of our glands in particular, the pineal gland which is our master gland, which instructs each and every one of our 75 trillion cells is activated by sunlight.
  • Sunshine triggers the production of many hormones which have the ability to keep us in balance and joyful
  • Spending time outdoors gives your renewed energy, improves your mood and beats cravings
  • Sunlight governs our wake up, sleep cycles and digestion powers too. The circadian rhythm is based on the sunrise and sunset timings
  • Ability to accelerate healing of all kinds of wounds, warts,hormonal problems, diseases and emotional disturbances
  • Sunlight is not only for vitamin ‘D’. There are a host of other body processes which are dependent on the Sun which science has not yet deciphered.

That is why our elders had the tradition of being out of the house at dawn – either busy in the fields or doing Suryanamaskar in the early morning Sun.


Sunbasking is needed for the particles of light. What we are after the ‘light’ not the heat. So sunbasking can be done even on cloudy days. Try to get a total of minimum 30 minutes in the Sun everyday. Being outdoors early morning or late evening time when the sun is less harsh with as minimum clothes as per weather or culture.at sunrise and sunset are the best times for sunbathing.

Many ways to sunbath:

  • Enjoy the beauty and grace of nature by going for a walk or jog early in the morning
  • Do your yoga practice outside
  • Read a book or check your mails outdoors in your balcony
  • Have your meetings or calls outdoors if possible
  • Enjoy a stroll outside after lunch
  • Make family gatherings an ‘outdoor’ affair
  • It doesn’t matter even if it is cloudy or raining or cold. Don’t make it an excuse, just push yourself and get out. Soon you will begin to enjoy it.

Using sunscreen is detrimental to health as it is full of harmful chemicals. Instead protect yourself if the sunlight is harsh by using mechanical barriers like hats, full sleeved cotton clothes. Stay off the harsh sunlight as this is what your body is dictating

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