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Detox 2019 - Week 5, Post 2


  • The least dense form of input needed by us is radiation including solar and cosmic raditaion. Next comes air.
  • Air is all around us but we breathe unconsciously most of the time.It is something we take for granted.
  • We need to breathe in deeply and consciously fresh, good quality air for excellent health.


If we spend a lot of time outdoors in greenery or in a forest, we inhale the best quality air.However nowaday we spend most of our time indoors or worse still in artificially heated or cooled interiors. Indoor air has become toxic due to the use of household chemicals, furnishings, cosmetics,deodrantsetc

So let us consciously make an effort to step outdoors atleast for 30 mins to 1 hour everyday. We call it 'hava khana isn’t it?'.

Have you observed how stale indoor air feels after you have had a nice walk in the park?

Eevn during winters, open the wondows and allow fresh air to circulate inside atleast for sometime.

Fresh air clear the cobwebs in our minds, brings clarity in thinking and improves our mood.

Correction of breathing pattern

  • When we breathe consciously, we utlize our full lung capacity and oxygen is able to reach each and every cell of our body.
  • So many of our health problems can be attributed to faulty breathing. Lungs are an organ of elimination of waste along with the skin and kidneys. But shallow, fault breathing pattern interfers with toxin elimination.
  • When we are busy working on our computers, sometimes we even forget to breathe!
  • When we are angry or worried, our breath is shallow. When we are in a hurry, our breath is short too.

But the reverse is true too. We can control our emotional state through breath.

Breath is the bridge to the current moment. When we live in the moment, we are in peace.

Deep, rhythmic breathing is necessary to fully oxygenate the blood which feeds all tissues.

Let's practice

Breathing should be rhythmic and deep - moving our diaphragm.

Here is one recommendation from the book 'Hinton on health' to correct our breath.It is said that every healthy baby is born with a breathing rhythm of seven seconds. This is what we should strive to achieve

Start with a small count.. count 3 , inhale, hold breath for 3, exhale 3, hold for 3, repeat.. build upto 7 counts.

Practice it everyday, three times a day. Take a break from work, sit down, observe your breath and do this practice.

Air bath

Not only nose and lungs, we breathe through the skin pores too

Too many layers of clothes, tight clothing, synthetic fabric, cosmetics applied on the skin do not allow skin to breathe and take in the benefits of the healing quality of air.

We eliminate toxins through our skin too. Good air circulation helps in proper elimination. Allowing air to touch all parts of the skin stimulates it and improves circulation.

Walk in natural surroundings with light cotton clothes to get a freeair bath.

Breathe in all of life. Express gratitude for every breath you can take joyfully and easily Breathe and let go. All is well.

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