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Detox 2019 - Week 5, Post 3

Cook without oil

In today’s post, we will look at the usage of oil. We can’t think of cooking Indian food without oil. The first step starts with adding oil to the pan for tempering. But...

  • Oil is one of the most concentrated fatty substances found in nature.
  • It is not a whole food meaning it was not the way nature intended us to have it. The source has been stripped of fibre and nutrition and only the fat remains.
  • Oils heated to high temperature for a long time turn carcinogenic. Does it strike a bell? The deep fried pooris, chaklis, fried finger bites we munch on..
  • Oil is hight fat food with no fibre. It quickly enters the blood stream, makes the blood sluggish and injures the arterial walls
  • Refined oils have been bleached, deodorized, heated to high temperature, have added preservatives, aromas and dangerous solvents. All that glitters is not gold!
  • Have you ever thought of refined oil as a processed food? It can sit for months on the shelf without getting spoilt
  • Oil on its own has no taste.. then why add oil to the food? The taste will come from the freshness of the ingredients and the spices

So how to cook with oil?

  • For tempering, use a thick bottomed pan for making your tadka and frying your spices. They can be roasted on low flame , no need of oil.
  • Think of water as your oil. Onions can be sweated in the water for sometime. After water evaporates and onion is cooked, it starts caramelizing.
  • Use tomatoes to add moisture to your dishes instead of oil
  • Use nut butters, coconut scrapings, nut powders etc instead of oil. These are whole as opposed to the refined versions

In spite of all this, if you need to use oil – opt for cold pressed oils.

Make a start and soon you will get the hang of it.

More information about oils in these aticles...



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Try these at home and experiment on your family. Don’t tell them that it is without oil , Will they notice?

We see ‘vegetable oil’ at the back of packets and think its ok. Do you know that India is the highest importer of palm oil from Indonesia. Many oils are adulterated with this palm oil. As you know palm oil cultivation is destroying the Indonesian rain forests and the home of the orangutan.So it is always a good idea to do away with using oil - keep it for special occasions or use cold pressed organic oil if it is must.

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