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Detox 2019 - Week 6, Post 1

Summary of what we discussed so far:

  • Fruits for breakfast or anytime
  • Understand detox symptoms
  • Circadian rhythm & Intermittent fasting – have all your food within an 8 hour period
  • Exercise and remain active throughout the day
  • Increase intake of vegetables especially in raw form
  • Fruits and vegetables should be 80% to 85% of diet
  • Give gratitude and journal 5 things you are grateful for everyday
  • Avoid animal products as they are hard to digest, have no fibre and tax the system
  • Handle your cravings mindfully
  • Soak in the Sun for an hour everyday
  • Importance of fresh air. Observe and correct your breathing pattern.
  • Learn to cook without oil especially refined oil


This last week we will concentrate on starchy food and winding up the program. Hope you arefinding this journey interesting.

Starchy food is food less in natural water and high in starch. Typically starchy food cannot be eaten without cooking. Here I include starchy roots like yams, potatoes , grains, legumes and millets.

Remember in previous weeks we discussed the ideal ratio of less dense to most dense as 50% fruits, 35% vegetables, 10% starches and 5% protein food.

The typical food pattern in most households today is idli/dosa/paratha/bread/oats for breakfast, lunch is roti-dal, rice-sambar and typically same for dinner. In between there is munching of biscuits or bakery items which are also grainbased. So we are eating way more than the ideal 10%. A starch based meal especially with grains sits in out stomach for a minimum of 4 hours. Before it is acted fully upon by the body, we already starting our next round of food intake.

  • Starches are sticky and move slowly through the digestive system. Rice, maida etc can be used to make gum!
  • Body has to work more to extract what is needed from these foods.
  • Starchy foods like grains are acidic. The pH value of our blood should range from 7.36 to 7.4. The human body constantly tries to maintain this. When our diet consists of too many grains and carbohydrates, the pH value of our body turns
    acidic.This causes various diseases.
  • Most of us living in cities are not manual workers. We are knowledge workers and heavy foods make our mind and body sluggish.
  • Our body is 60-70% water. The more we eat these heavy to digest foods, the lesser is the opportunity for fresh , less dense, high in water content foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Starch by itself is not tasty.. needs condiments to be added and it needs cooking. Compare this with eating fruits. Fruits are ready to eat, juicy, colourful, tasty, fresh living foods.

Tomorrow we will look at ways on the right way to have starches in our diet

Meanwhile, this week can you make a note in your journal – how many times and in how many forms do you have starchy food? What is the proportion compared to the overall food intake?

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