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12:05 PM | 27-02-2019

Greens can reduce salt cravings

Do you often crave for something salty and reach out for salted chips or namkeens? We can attend to our body’s cravings for salt in a much healthier way. Salt in inorganic form (read table salt) cannot be utilized by our body whereas salt which is a cohesive part of fruits and veggies is easily assimilated. which is a cohesive part of fruits and veggies is easily assimilated.

Today we have an experiment for you - Eat a sweet or bland fruit and then eat a green leaf like palak in raw form. Doesn’t it taste salty?

Our body speaks to us through symptoms. Cravings for something salty can be a sign of your body asking for minerals. Plants being the primary producers of all life on our planet absorb minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium etc from the earth through their root and shoot system. We can get all the minerals we need on a daily basis by making sure to eat greens at least twice a day.

So go for a bowl of steamed or stir fried greens or a raw green salad. Why not try this delicious spinach salad, minus the salt?

Manage your salt cravings naturally. Aim to have two servings of greens everyday – lunch and dinner to keep salt cravings at bay!

Bonus tip: Skip the salt in your veggie salads. Add plenty of greens to it and you won’t miss the salt. This may not happen immediately. But as your body gets more and more minerals from fruits & veggies, you will notice the shift.

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