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Add greens to your veggies - Green your life program - Day 5

Greens can be combined with veggies in a multitude of varieties.

  • Juices
  • Soups, Sabjis & Curries
  • Salads

We’ll give you a few recipes here. But remember you will enjoy your meals only when you get innovative. So experiment with different types of greens in each of these recipes.

Juices - No time to cut up greens? You can have greens as a drink with other veggies to make a super healthy juice. Just make sure to have it within a few hours of making. Try the spinach tomato carrot juice

Soups, sabji and curries - Greens in soups and veg curries taste great too. Never miss an opportunity to up your green intake. Try adding greens to all your favourite recipes and see how they taste. Taste bhi, health bhi. Try these:

Salads - Greens in salad make the salad colorful and healthier. Does your salad always consist of some cucumbers and tomatoes thrown together? Then beef it up by adding greens. Shred, tear or chop them. Add flavor by using herbs like coriander, mint, basil which can be added minced finely or as a paste. Vary your salad by serving your salad on a bed of greens or as a wrap inside big sized greens like lettuce. Try these lettuce rolls.

Too many recipes for one day? Yes, infact when it comes to natural health, there is a lot you can do!! And if you are caught up in busy daily routine, read our blog ‘How to simplify eating vegetable salads in busy routine’.We are sure you will find many useful tips.

Did you make a salad with greens today? Or a green drink? Share your favourite recipe in the comment section below.

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