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Add greens to fruits - Green your life program, Day 6

Fruits are delicious by themselves. But sometimes we look for adding a twist in our fruity tales. Herby greens do just that! They add a subtle flavor and aroma that tickles our taste buds. Here are a few ideas:

  • Melon and mint – Try this juice in summers. Watermelons are not in season right now. 
  • Pineapple and methi – Try this as a salad for lunch or dinner. The pineapple largely masks the flavor of methi and hence this salad can be kid friendly!!
  • Strawberry, bananas, orange and basil – Try this smoothie, we bet it will find its way into your gut very smoothly! Use seasonal fruits only. Strawberry and oranges are in season in Delhi NCR these days. Else omit and replace with what is in season at the place where you live. Do notice the role of basil in your smoothie.

Vary the flavours by using betel leaves (paan patta), celery leaves or coriander. Make your own fun combinations. Any ideas you would like to share? If you try out any of these today, do share the pics. Or try soon and share on the last day of the program.

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Title pic credit: Trang Doan via Pexels.com

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