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Add greens to chutneys & dips - Green your life program, Day 7

If there is no time to chop the greens, whizzing it up in the mixie to make a great chutney or dip is the answer. Even for children who won’t eat greens otherwise, these are great accompaniments for dosas, idlis, cutlets or even vegetable sticks and salads. Chutneys can be prepared in advance and refrigerated to save time. So if you are busy with work during the week, take this up on Sunday evening.

Try these delicious recipes from our recipe section:

These dips can be had with roasted potatoes, spread on bread or rotis, added to salads, served with crudites or can just hold their space on the plate on their own. Infact just a few days ago, a cherished member from our Wellcure community shared a salad recipe with us, where she used the coriander mint chutney and her kids lapped up the salad. What more can we ask for as parents? Here’s her recipe – Bean salad

Every household has their own green chutney recipe. Would you like to share yours?

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