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Grow greens at home - Green your life program,Day 9

If you are worried about the quality of the greens you buy in the shop or are skeptical about their freshness or just looking to save money, what better than grow your own? The other advantage is that you never run out of supply and always have fresh supply at home.

Herbs can be easily grown at home.

Here are the 4 must-have herbs:

  1. Curry leaves
  2. Dhaniya / coriander
  3. Mint / pudina
  4. Basil

They can be easily grown by a bright window sill, in pots in your balcony or terrace, in your garden. If space is not a constraint, add more to the greens you grow at home. Here’s the add-on list:

  1. Sarson / Mustard
  2. Methi / Fenugreek
  3. Palak / Spinach
  4. Amaranthus

Engage your kids in growing, harvesting and caring for them and they are sure to develop a taste for them.

Bonus tip:

Want to grow without soil? You can grow plants just in water.

  • Put a few stalks of mint in water and watch it give out roots and grow.
  • Watch this video on how to grow methi in water.

So what are you waiting for? Whenever you are free, ensure you plant the must-have herbs. And once that is done, work towards the add-on list. If you are already growing greens at home, do share your insights

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