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Think about a possibility . You try to read a book one day but can't understand the words, if you won't able to recognize your loved ones. Your body is still there but you are not... 
Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenrative disorder characterized by the progressive loss of neurons and their circuit because of toxins accumulated in brain that results in cognitive impairment. 
It was first identified by a German scientist Alois Alzheimer. 
It is disabling senile dementia 
Dementia -  permanent or progressive general loss of intellectual abilities,  including impairment of memory,  judgement and abstract thinking. Changes in personality and loss of reasoning. 
It affects about 11% of the population over the age of 65. In India,  more than 4 million people have some form of dementia .
Signs and symptoms 




  • Early stage. Forgetfulness and memory disturbances,  impairment of higher intellectual functions. 
  • Moderate stage  confusion,  forgetfulness,  repetition of words,  getting lost while traveling to familiar places, progressive disorientation,  aphasia and paranoia.. 
  • Severe stage  patient may become incontinent,  mute,  unable to walk and profoundly disabled. 

Risk factors 




  • The most important factor is old age and family history . The having it in genes is more prone to alzheimer's disease 
  • History of head trauma with concussion . It directly impede the degeneration of neurons .
  • Low dietary intake of fruits and vegetables . These are involved in scavenging the free radicals and toxins generated. Vitamin deficiencies or environmental toxins or free radical damage causes inability to utilize glucose properly. 
  • Low levels of exercise is a risk factors to number of disorders . Being inactive completely negates the protective action of healthy sets of genes.  
  • Low levels of insulin - insulin is a protein that regulates uptake of glucose by cell. This makes cell energy deficient and promote degeneration of neurons. Diabetic patient is more prone to alzheimer's.  



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Characteristic features 


Alzheimer's disease in basic terms is explained as loss of neurons because of toxins accumulated in brain which called amyloid beta and occur in form of  tangles.  Because of loss of neurons in a certain region of brain there is an imbalnce developed in levels of neurotransmitter. 





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Prevention is better than cure and the only effective way of following this is to eliminate the risk factors and till date the best treatment  found for ALZHEIMER'S is through naturopathy and the results are satisfying. 

  • Diet rich in fruits and vegetables,   especially green leafy vegetables  like spinach and kale, cauliflower, tomatoes and fennel reduces chronic inflammation which is caused by insoluble amyloid beta (toxin) that causes oxidative stress and affects cell signaling along with inflammation. 
  • Nuts and seed especially almonds and sesame seeds. 
  • Legumes and beans (lentils) 
  • Herbs and spices example oregano, parsley and rosemary 
  • Exercise is known to be anti inflammatory. Elderly adults who exercise regularly are at lower risk for cognitive decline according to the studies. Yoga is one of the best known exercise for Alzheimer's , it account for physical,  mental and emotional well being .
  •  Alzheimer's disease affects the part of the brain that regulates circadian rhythm.  Regulating your sleep pattern is very important if you do not want to become Alziemer's victim. You need to seriously work towards sleeping for minimum seven to eight hours. If you feel you are not able to sleep well you can try therapeutic massages. A relaxing and rejuvenating massage will definitely make you fall off to sleep . During sleep brain tends to wipe out the toxins related to Alzheimer's disease. 
  • More than hundreds of years , meditation has been the sole medicine for troubled mind. Meditation will help you to come out of stress and anxiety. 
  • Role of coconut has been idolized in AD as the oil in coconut provides ketones that serve as fuel to brain instead of glucose and can be easily utilized by cells even at low levels of insulin. 


  • Art and music therapy has shown to stimulate the senses and that can improve mood,  behavior and day to day functions of people with Alzheimer's disease. It may also trigger memories and help people reconnect with world around them. 
  • In general,  the highly educated and those who use more than one language on a regular basis,  those who are well organized have a lower risk. Ofcourse it can't inhibit formation of amyloid beta plaques or tau tangles,  but it is believed that brain of these people might have enough connections to reroute around damaged areas. 

Things to avoid 


  • Alcohol, processed food, refined grains,  refined sugar, food packed in aluminum. These food stuffs generates free radicals and toxin to higher extent. Packaged food delivers heavy metals or biotoxins to our body which eventually generates oxidative stress. 


Alziemer's disease have only one to two drugs approved by the USFDA till date and they provide symptomatic treatment . Based on various reports of patients of Alzheimer's disorder a denouement has been made that treat individuals not diseases. Adapting to nature and it's laws is the best way to prevent and fight with the existing disease. Lifestyle changes , diet maintainance, low glycemic load diet, exercising daily,  developing artful and creative activities will bring joy to the life and along with Alzheimer's they will prevent other brain related stress disorders associated with it. 






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