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Seed therapy, basically is a part of Sujok Therapy in Alternative Medicines.

A therapist can treat patients by different typeof therapies such as Sujok,

Acupressure, Seed and with Music Therapy in Alternative Therapy.

Sujok therapy is indeed an effective healing therapy with no medication.

It is totally safe and without any side effect.

Seeds are used as natural healer and stimulator with healing powers.

It is based on some concepts of reflex points which are located in hands and feet

It is very effective in chronic diseases and certain pains.

Therapists use to tie seeds on specific area after pressing acupressure points.

The most important part is the knowledge of different seeds which are being used.

Seeds can be used according to the symptoms of the disease.

Fenugreek, Kidney beans, Black pepper, Walnut, Millet, Green pea, Buck wheat

are commonly being used in therapy.

Among many diseases Sujok with Seed therapy helps in curing Arthritis, asthma,

backache, joint pain, migraine, hypertention, diabetes mellitus, strokes, paralysis

and many chronic diseases.

The method due to it's simple application and safest way is suitable for treating by

self who are in pain and helpless to go for therapy everyday.

Here is an example of seed therapy for knee pain on the link below.


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