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Moringa Oleifera Leaves??!! ...sounds like latin/spanish right,well don't worry it's nothing but Drumstick leaves. Drum stick the first thing we remember is drumstick sambar..yum but less people know about the nutritional contents of drumstickleaves and include them in their diet.So,by this article I want everyone to jot down the benefits of these leaves that could help you know their importance,Now let us dig into the history of it, Moringa Oleifera tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions of South Asia, being INDIAthe largest producer.It is fast-growing and drought-resistant by nature. Every part of it has nutritional value.


Ashadam/Monsoon Tradition - Scientific Proof :-

If you concentrate on the rituals of this month , you will get the point that all rituals are indicating towards one thing that is, it is the beginning of the monsoon season.Many people in this month,as a tradition add drumstick leaves in their diet in some or the other form.As this month is the begenning of rainy season the sudden changes in climatic conditions may effect our immunity due to wide spread of infections.So,it is scientifically proven that consuming drumstick leaves #THE MULTINUTRIENT may increase our immunity and save us from falling ill.


Get deeper with it's Nutritional Value:-

100gmof drumstick leaves contain :

Energy - 64 k.cal

Carbohydrates - 8.28 gm

Dietary fiber- 2.0


B-complex vitamins

Minerals like Calcium,Iron,Magnesium,Manganese,Phosphorous,



Benifits of Moringa leaves :-

  • Used to combat malnutrition, especially in nursing mother's and infant's.
  • Leaves are iron rich food source.
  • It's sap,roots,leaves,seeds and flowers are used in traditional medicine.
  • In addition to vit-c and beta-carotene they include Quercitin-which help to lower blood pressure and Chlorogenic acid whichmoderates blood-sugar levels .
  • Isothiocyanates in Moringa leaves are main source ofanti-inflamatory properties.
  • Fiber in it helps in regularising the bowel movement.
  • Being rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids it contributes to healthy cell production and regeneration.Essential amino acids in this aids healtheir hair,scalp and nails.

I hope we Had enough knowledge of medical facts and benefits of Moringa leaves,now we'll get into some


Interesting Facts of Moringa leaves:-

  • Used for water purification.
  • Kernels are used for oil extraction called Ben oil.
  • Seeds are eaten like peas/ roasted like nuts.
  • Leaf powder is effective for hand washing when wetted advance to enable antiseptic properties by the presence of phytochemicals in the leaves.
  • In western countries,the dried leaves are sold as dietary supplements either in powder/capsule form.

Usually moringa leaves are used to prepare soups or dressing in salads.By knowing the amazing nutritional bounty of Moringa leaves ,I think everyone must include them in their diet atleast once in a week to absorb it's nutritional properties and lead a healthy life. Here with I am sharing two of my healthy traditional ancestral recipies, please do try and feel the taste of healthy tradition.




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