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Boost Lung Health & Immunity E-learning Course | Complimentary Session on 29 October, 5 PM

A Program To Breathe Well, Cleanse Your Lungs, Improve Airflow & Lung Capacity


Join Today! Boost Lung Health & Immunity Complimentary Session on 29 October | 5-6 PM

By mid-age, your lung capacity reduces by 10% and continues to do so unless you work upon it. Proper inhalation, exhalation, and retention of breath ensure good lung capacity, which in turn increases strength, vitality, and overall health.

But how many of us follow it? Or even understand how to do it?

To make it simpler and help you Work On Your Lung Health, we have recently launched the new ‘Boost Lung Health & Immunity’ e-learning course. 

This Course Is For You, If You:

  • Are recovering from a recent respiratory illness (including COVID)

  • Feel shortness of breath after a flight of stairs 

  • Have been living in a polluted environment, like most of us!

  • Worry about your respiratory health & want to breathe better


Join Today! Boost Lung Health & Immunity Complimentary Session on 29 October | 5-6 PM

“Elderly, smokers, people with breathing difficulties, or respiratory disorders, parents of kids with lung conditions - all can work on their lung health through this program”

How Will You Benefit From This Course?

  • Rejuvenate your lungs 

  • Power up your lung capacity

  • Strengthen your respiratory muscles 

  • Discover ‘Healthy Lungs’ Diet

  • Learn how to breathe correctly 

Course Highlights:

  • 2+ Hours of Learning Content

  • 15+ Detailed ‘Healthy Lungs’ Recipe Videos 

  • Daily Living Practices for Healthy Lungs

  • Deep Stretching & Yoga Module

  • Awareness & Practical Knowledge

What Will You Learn?

A. Fundamentals of Lung Health

  • Energetic anatomy of the lungs

  • Healthy mucus Vs. Unhealthy mucus

  • Lung health – Metal energy 

  • Foods detrimental for the lungs

  • Foods beneficial for the lungs

  • Relationship between lungs & other organs

  • Macrobiotics for our health

B. Nutrition For Lungs

  • Best whole grains for healthy lungs

  • Best sources of Fats & Protein for healthy lungs

  • 15+ ‘Healthy Lungs’ Recipes:

  1. Nourishing Nishime Vegetables with Soba noodles
  2. Strengthening Buckwheat & Black-Eyed Pea Soup
  3. Pureed Vegetable Soup - Broccoli & Cauliflower
  4. Quick Sautéed Greens: Amaranth Greens (Chaulai Saag) with Spring Onions
  5. Homely Pumpkin Khichdi
  6. Miso Soup, And lots more...

C. Yoga For Lungs

  • Ujjayi Breathing - Anchor Your Mind With Breath

  • How To Breathe Correctly

  • How To Exhale Deeply

  • Enhance Breath With Asanas

D. Healthy Lifestyle For Lungs

  • Which Exercise Is Good For Lungs?

  • Is Coffee Good For Lungs?

  • Are Tomatoes Bad For Lungs?

  • Are Raw Foods Healthy For Lungs?

  • And Many More Lifestyle Tips


Join Today! Boost Lung Health & Immunity Complimentary Session on 29 October | 5-6 PM

Program Instructors

TARIKA AHUJA (NUTRITIONIST & COOKING EXPERT) is the best-selling wellness author, certified Macrobiotic health coach, Ayurvedic chef, and an international speaker-educator with over 15 years of experience in natural wellness.

Tarika has in-depth knowledge of lung health and has written a book on the subject - THE ASTHMA CURE (published with Penguin India), which is a relevant and indispensable book for this time & age. She is also the author of BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN (published with Harper Collins) which is an exceptional book to guide parents in raising strong, balanced, and healthy children.

MANJARI AGARWALA (YOGA EXPERT) is a certified yoga teacher in the Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa traditions. Currently, She teaches yoga to individual students with therapeutic needs. 

She is the Co-founder of Violet Wisdom, an enterprise offering natural wellness education, products, and experiences. She is an Action Learning facilitator associated with the School for Social Entrepreneurs, India. Manjari also conducts ‘HEALING FOREST WALKS’ to reconnect urban populations with nature.


Special Launch Offer Price @25% Off: INR 742/- 


  • Full Access to Course for 365 days

  • 15+ Recipe Videos

  • Accessible via Computer and Mobile App

  • Yoga Module

INR 1599/- 


  • E-Learning Course

  • 30-Minute Personal Consultation worth INR 1000 with Tarika Ahuja over Zoom/Phone Call

INR 5699/-


  • E-Learning Program

  • 4 Personalized Consultations with Tarika Ahuja worth INR 6000

  • A Complete Diet Plan worth INR 3000

What People Are Saying About The Course:

"I want to thank Tarika, she has been a savior and a complete blessing in helping my son build his immunity. The simple changes in daily routine & nutrition recommended by her have greatly helped us improve his stamina & overall wellbeing. God Bless You.” ~ Ruchi Chopra

"A big thank you to Tarika!. A person who heals is a way of light through God, and you are no less than that for me. I stopped using the inhaler soon after starting a consultation with her. It has been 3 weeks since I used my inhaler" ~ Shriya Khaira



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