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Detox 2019 - Based on principles of Natural Healing - By Asha Shivaram

Hi Wellcure community, I am running a detox program for 6 weeks. Party season is over and if not now, when is the time to detox? So, join in if you want to detox. It will be fun when we do it together and share our problems and success stories.

This program is based on nature cure or natural living or natural healing – whatever we may choose to call it. The basic principle behind this is that our body is self healing, self preserving and self directing. The power to heal is already within us – in every cell of our body. Every disease as we call it has a cause. The body needs to have certain requirements met in order to function well. Healing depends upon the removal of causes and provision of the body's biological needs– as simple as that.

Health comes holistically not in parts. So no specific cures are given for specific ailments like diabetes, BP, backpains etc. What is shared in this program will improve your overall health and wellbeing. The body’s intelligence decides where it will focus its vital power of healing. Just relax and let the body do its job of detoxing and healing. Always listen to your body and make your decisions. Evaluate, understand and internalize what is shared. You will experience healing.If on medicines, take care. You may need to reduce dosage. Please work with your doctor.

Since you are interested in this program, I believe you already know the health problems processed food brings. By processed foods, I mean biscuits, chips, popcorn, cornflakes, instant noodles,store bought bajji, bonda, samosas,chaklis,other fried items.chocolates etc. These are high in sugar, salt, fats, chemicals, induce false hunger and overeating. Clean your pantry of these or atleast put them in a box and mentally label them as not for you. Keep it away from sight. 6 weeks is a short time and yes, we can do it!

Week1 Post 1:

A big thumbs up for your commitment to better health. I am excited to share my learnings and be a *co-learner* with you.

Each week there will be 2 or 3 posts. Each post will talk about different healing modalities like rest, sunshine, exercise, food, gratitude etc and some actions to be taken.

A little bit about myself. I started on this health journey around 3 years ago to heal myself of the many ailments I was going through. In the last year and a half, I have delved deeper into natural living and accelerated my healing not only by reading books and attending courses but also observing the healing effects on my own body. I live medicine free, pain free today and I am humbled to share this journey with you.

You can read more about my healing journey at https://www.wellcure.com/health-journeys/35/being-in-sync-with-nature-made-me-illness-free

Share your success, learning, blocks, fears, questions etc Let us help and support each other in this journey of 6 weeks.

Week 1 Post 2:

Get a book to journal your thoughts for these 6 weeks.

  • Write your goals– why did you join this program, what are your health goals?
  • Write your fears and other emotions which come up as you go through the program
  • Every day write down your activitieswhat you ate, what exercise you did, what time you go to sleep , how much time you spent outdoors etc .
  • Journal any good habits you were able to develop and any other experience you are going through.

At the end of every week,

  • Read your journal
  • Understand yourself When do you think you are slipping? What was your mood on that day? Who were you with? What can you change next time around? What did you do well? What are you willing to let go of?

Commit to these 6 weeks irrespective of what everyone around you is doing! This is most important!

Relaxation is important in detox.Enjoy the learning and sharing. Don’t worry too much about how to keep up. Do your best but don’t give up.

For the next post of my detox program, click here.

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food & lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. The views expressed by the users are their personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

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