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Detox 2019 - Day 4, week 1

Shift to fruits for breakfast

Before we talk about fruits, how is it going with giving up/reducing the habit of drinking morning tea and coffee?

I gave up this habit when I had irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety. These drinks used to make me even more anxious. I could literally feel the nervous energy running in my body.

Both tea and coffee plantations are sprayed heavily with pesticides. They make you gain weight and make you look aged. The monoculture of these crops destroys forests and hillsides. More reasons to break up with this habit!

Idli, dosa, parathas, bread, cornflakes, oats… this is the usual breakfast in most households.

Contrary to popular opinion, having a heavy, cooked breakfast is not conducive to good health. In the morning, the body is still busy removing wastes from the previous day’s digestion and is not ready to take in heavy food. Having any form of cooked food before 12 p.m stops the elimination cycle and builds up toxins in the body. Toxin build up over a period of time causes disease.

You can read more in this post about the circadian cycle to understand how the body does its physiological functions.

So what to eat? Wait for hunger to appear. Don’t eat just because it’s time for breakfast.

When hunger appears, eat seasonal fruits or a fruit smoothie. Enjoy it. Eat as many fruits as you want till 12:00 p.m, Do not combine with nuts or dry fruits or anything else. Juicy fruits are better than fleshy ones.

A few positive words about fruits:

  • Fruits don’t require much energy for digestion by the body
  • Full of Sun’s energy and natural water
  • Source of instant energy, ready to eat
  • So many varieties, colours, tastes, flavours, textures
  • Cleans the digestive tract
  • Helps the body conserve energy for other important functions
  • Fruits help you to wean away from refined sugar and sweets
  • Fruits are ecologically sustainable too.

You can read more about fruits here.

I would like to say that just this change in shifting to .fruits for breakfast has made the biggest difference in my health. I got rid of my back pain I suffered for many years and constipation too.

Are you ready to make the change and experience the magic?

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