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Detox 2019 - Day 5, week 1

You may run into difficulties when trying to shift to only fruits for breakfast. Yes, it is understandable since we have so gotten used to a cooked breakfast. Here are some tips in the form of Q&A which may help smoothen the transition to fruits.

Q: Eating fruits looks so boring , it is not tempting.
A: It is just a shift of mindset. Cut the fruits, arrange well in a pretty bowl, look at the explosion of colours, try different cuts, create an ambience – maybe eat in your garden , let your creativity soar. Also make sure you have a stock of your favourite fruits. Then you are more likely to reach for it.

Q: I feel hungry within an hour of eating fruits
A: You can have a fruit again. Make sure you eat till you feel slightly full. As days pass and your gut cleans, you may see that frequency of eating reduces. Bananas being starchy can keep you felling full longer. Slowly drop starchy fruits and have only juicy fruits like apple, pears, oranges etc.. whatever is in season.

Q: I was so hungry and there were no fruits so I had a cooked breakfast
A: Planning well is very much needed with this lifestyle. If you don’t plan to have the right produce well, slippages will happen.

Q: I can’t give up my fav breakfast items like idli, dosa, parath etc
A: You don’t have to. You can have them at lunch time instead.

Q: I need to have something cooked, can’t do fruits till 12:00
A: Yes, it is a bit tough initially. Always have fruits first. Keep pushing the time to have your cooked food as late as possible.. closer to 11:00 or 12:00 a.m and eventually drop it from your morning slot.

Q: Everyone around me is eating a delicious breakfast
A: Fruits are delicious too. Which man made food can beat the taste, juiciness and freshness fruits bring? If it is tough, have your breakfast separately. Open your journal and remind yourself why you are doing this. Seek help from this community. We are all doing it together.

Q: I can’t handle the sweetness of fruits first thing in the morning
A: You can opt to have less sweeter fruits. Tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers etc.. but they are not as nutritious as tree grown fruits.

For the weekend

Weekend is coming and is usually the time when we go off track. Family outings and eating out, more time around the kitchen and so on..Be aware. Do your thing, don’t bother about what is happening around you. Open your journal, read your goals again. Write down your emotions. Get your inspiration from within.

You may be feeling tired and irritable because of detox. Rest well in the weekend. Sleep early. Get some fresh air and relax.

Trivia for the weekend

Did you know that India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world?

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