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05:23 PM | 03-08-2020

How to get rid of mind fear which is due to anxiety?

09:56 AM | 03-08-2020

I have developed stomach anxiety over the years. Why does anxiety affects my stomach and how can i overcome from this? Please suggest.

05:21 PM | 28-07-2020

Hi! Around 2 yeas ago I felt fastened heartbeat and from that time my anxiety started, and now I am having panic attack once in a week for half and hour. I have not taken any medicine so far, but that half n hour is the most suffocating and strange feeling, kindly suggest what to do.

02:16 PM | 01-07-2020

For last 4 years I am suffering from anxiety disorder I had consulted psychiatrist for sometimes and took medicines but not much relief after that I had Counselling from Psychologist some what relief and took ACCUPUNCTURE and flower therapy but got 90% cured and taking homeopathy medicines I am almost cleared but even now some times I feel anxiety rarely. What shall i do tocure 100%?

12:26 PM | 11-05-2020

I am 35 years old guy, always felt anxiety and sometime get panic attacks from last 4-5 years. I dont understand why it happens. I generally dont eat unhealthy food or drink liquor or smoke due to this panic. If i hear some news of negativity like any death or any illness or like these days covid 19 news so i always feel like its related to me. What should i do to come out from this?

11:56 AM | 04-05-2020

Hello, I am 32 years old female. In February I had suffered a panic attack and was hospitalized for 2 days. Back then I did not know what I was going through. After that I am suffering from constant anxiety and fear. The situation has improved a lot from what it was before but still I suffer from palpitations and fear. The idea of falling sick or hospital makes me anxious. Also I suffer from lower back ache. My vit d and b12 was extremely low and I have fatty liver. Can u please help me?

10:06 AM | 23-04-2020

How to overcome fear and anxiety?

09:27 PM | 06-04-2020

Hello. This is anand. For the past few months I have been feeling abnormal. I feel like disconnected, mood swings, things are unreal, overthinking, unable to focus, feeling headaches, having fear of death, etc. I feel hopeless. I don't know what to do kindly guide me please.

07:30 PM | 16-04-2020

I have been suffering from anxiety for a long time now and also have many fears. Please help me!

12:32 PM | 16-04-2020

Hi! I have anxiety issues. Some days it's totally fine and some days it makes me very dull,not able to do anything. I try to think positive but I can't meditate. Please suggest a way to make me more disciplined and make it vanish from my life.

11:47 AM | 13-04-2020

Hey! I'm 25 years old female. I'm suffering from acidity and anxiety problem. Will you help me to cure that?

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