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10:02 AM | 10-07-2020

What to eat to lower sugar level naturally?

10:05 AM | 10-07-2020

My father is a diabetic since 20 years now. We have tried many medicines. His reports are normal but want to try alternative therapy. Any suggestions?

11:50 AM | 16-06-2020

Hi please advice me. I am diabetic since 11 years, had severe hormonal imbalance and because of that I had multiple endometriosis cysts. Underwent 3 surgery in 4 years. Last one had on 20th March. I had to remove entire gynea function. I am very active, disciplined and hard working person, always love to be in routine. But because of surgery and lockdown my entire life style got changed. Going through tremendous stress and Please advice

01:23 PM | 16-06-2020

Hi I am suffering from bloating,excessive burping ,indigestion and feeling hungry after early morning completion of washroom. I am having bacterial infection ,doctor suggested me medication course hp kit for it I completed it I am fine some days and again I am facing same meanwhile I am diabetic patient? How can I cure permanently without antibiotic? It will cure by natural remedies? Please suggest!

08:54 PM | 24-02-2019

For diabetic patients or borderline diabetic patients, why do sugar levels shoot up during times of infection or fever? How can this be explained with natural healing principles? Want to explain this in a simple way to a friend who is experiencing this presently.

01:36 PM | 21-05-2020

Type 1 diabetes and ckd stage 3 creatinine is 2 digestion problem emptying of bowel no energy no sleep please help with the treatment.

01:31 PM | 27-04-2020

How to cure sugar in starting?

07:37 PM | 22-04-2020

Hi , to reverse diabetes is it good to go on a high protein , zero or less carb diet? Would high protein intake have any longterm effects on the body? Also please advise better ways to reverse or cure diabetes

02:11 PM | 06-04-2020

I am 79. I am diabetic, but with tablets under control. I have been having digestion problem for past 5 years. Allopathic medicines could not cure the defect in the digestive system. I have abdominal pain and gas problem. Take food supplement for gut health , digestion, constipation etc. But the suffering remains. Homely jeera water, ajwain, etc give relief but I want nature cure, living style guidance for taming my stomach. Pl help.

12:04 PM | 20-09-2019

How does diabetes affect your sleep?

10:40 AM | 09-09-2019

Those who are Diabetec and face craving of Sweets , what all innocent Natural Foods they can have at what time?

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