06:50 PM | 08-08-2019

I had recurrent or resistant UTIs last year for which I took 7 rounds of antibiotics. Last antibiotic resolved my uti. But the previous one wiped all my gut microbiome. I now get autoimmune attacks in different parts, have sinus, and varicose veins symptoms. I have white patches on tongue which fade when I eat something spicy and then reappear. I tried many antifungals, probiotics, and diet changes. I have chances of a leaky gut due to the candida overgrowth in intestine. What can i do?

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06:51 PM | 08-08-2019

Namaste Farzeen

Trying to suppress the body’s  attempts to throw away the toxins results in the body giving up at further attempts. But the moment one realises his mistake immediately he can change his lifestyle and food habits and support your body in slowly getting back it’s lost health. 

The gut bacteria can always be brought back by healthy food habits and lifestyle changes.

 Start with your food. Start eating clean. Remove all refined flour ,oil, processed sugar, white salt etc from your daily diet. Stop eating outside food. Stop consumption of processed and packaged food like stuffs. What can you eat? Lots of fresh ,locally grown, seasonal fruits. You can start your day everyday with it. Have more fruits for lunch. And let your dinner be a large bowl of salad withlots of greens, sprouted grains or soaked nuts. Finish eating before sunset, so that your body gets enough time to digest, assimilate the nutrients and send the waste towards the exit for elimination. If you continue eating late at night the body will not get enough time to do its functions properly.

Become active. Go for walks, do yoga or participate in some active sport daily. This will also improve your metabolism.

Connect with nature. Go out in the sun. Get enough exposure to the suns rays, breath fresh air and do some gardening too. Sleep well. rest well.

Look into your life for energy vampires. Do you have a stressfull life? Do you have a stressful job? Do you drink alcohol? Do you smoke? If yes for all then stop and change.

These are basic guidelines. But for better guidance you may get in touch with me and get a diagnisis done and get a personalised plan for improvement of your health.

Be Happy Be Healthy Always

Swati Dhariwal

Nature Cure Practitioner


Anonymous User
12:54 AM | 27-02-2023

I am having white tongue which can be candida infection. These whute patches go if i eat something spicy and then reappear.

I have chances of leaky gut due candida overgrowth in i ntestine.
I tried many antifungals and probiotics to cure it.
Still dont have 100% results.
Also did diet changes no carbs no glucose.
Only green vegies and proteins diet.

05:19 PM | 08-08-2019

The more you suppress with meds the more severe the problem gets. So the only way to heal is to stay on juices only for few days as long as it takes to heal. Include fresh cranberry juice, soaked barley water, lime water and all kinds of vegetable juices. Stay away from cooked. If you want to eat, just stick to one kind of fruit at a time. I have worked with people with chronic uti and it’s just a matter of few days. However, you will be vulnerable for repeated eliminations of uti for few more months. So your diet is extremely important and must be strict to heal fully. Care must be taken that you don’t touch a single medicine of any allo Ayurvedic or homeo or any pathy. Don’t do herbal infusions where people tell you that it will reduce this and that. That’s how you will heal. It’s imp that you quit all forms of animal products and lead a vegan lifestyle both ethically and for your health reasons. Once you feel better on this, reach us and will give you a lifestyle chart to maintain your future food habits. It’s very imp that you don’t run jump and do any such strenuous activities at this time. Absolutely no animal products wheat sugar jaggery. All sweet must be in the form of fruits only. This is how you can heal in few days to months completely 

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