07:15 PM | 08-08-2019

I am suffering from throat infection ( Congestion in throat ) from last 3 months help me to get it cure

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10 Answers
Anonymous User
11:51 AM | 09-08-2019

      Take pepper, tulsi, ginger ,cinnamon ,turmeric Deocotion. 
     Warm salt water gargling  regularly.
      Take facial stream. 
       Drink hot water. 

10:55 AM | 09-08-2019

Hello thanks for asking us a question..

There are few remedies to heal your problem. Firstly you can always try ginger juice and honey, first thing in the morning you can have a teaspoon of it and do not immediately gulp it but to soothe your throat you can just keep it hanging in your throat area for a few seconds, followed by warm water. This helps to clear the infection if any near the throat area.

The other most common remedies are given below:

1. Peppermint tea ( boil peppermint fresh leaves in the water for around 10 minutes or so till the water is able to absorb the peppermint property, and you can then have this tea (first thing in the morning)

2.Licorice Root ( it is suppose to help with any kind of throat infection and congestion). You can have licorice root as it is or you can have it in the form of tea, whatever suits you better.

Additionally, salt water gargle as we all know has been the ancient techniques followed to soothe any kind of infection, try to refrain from cold foods for sometime till you are free from the infection.

I hope this answer helps you and you are able to get well soon!





06:39 PM | 09-08-2019

first of all you need to meditation use liquid n non oily diet avoid milk and dairy product avoid cold water.

11:51 AM | 09-08-2019

Cinnamon ginger cloves peper cardamom turmeric powder boil them in hot water make it like a decoction add honey drink this mixture... 

11:51 AM | 09-08-2019

Namaste Megha 

There are certain simple things that you can do to get relief from throat infection

1 Gargling with warm water with salt and turmeric

2 Do a hot and cold fomentation around your neck for 30 minutes every day.

3 Boil a couple of liquorice sticks in a glass of water. When there is only 3/4 left you may drink it. Do this every day until your throat gets cleared.

4 Rest and relax your throat. Don’t talk much

5 Sleep well and rest well.

6 Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables 

7 Remove all deep-fried foods from your diet.

8 Remove all packaged and processed food from your diet. 

9 connect with nature.

Be happy be healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 

Nature Cure Practitioner 

10:19 PM | 13-08-2019

Thank you so much

Swati Dhariwal MA, ND,

10:20 PM | 13-08-2019

You are welcome:-)

10:56 AM | 09-08-2019

Do you have cough ? And is there any thick sputum ? If yes then what's the colour of it ? 
Due to the climatic changes happening around body is unable to adjust with sudden changes. There are certain things which you can do to increase immunity and fight against any kind of organism. 
1. Warm water Everytime .
2. Have raw ginger turmeric tea early morning 
Ginger turmeric tea.
You will need :
1. 1/2 inch raw ginger 
2. 1tsp turmeric powder
3. Honey for taste
4. Water 1 cup 
Boil water and add pound raw ginger to it. Let it boil for 2-3 mins and then add turmeric and another boil for 1min. 
Switch off the gas and add honey to it. 
Enjoy you early morning immunity booster. 

10:55 AM | 09-08-2019

Switch to drinking only liquids of veg and fruits for 3 days continuously. Have only fruits and greens for a month. Avoid meds. Gargle 5 times with salt and turmeric a day. If the nose leaks, let it leak.. the tap has to run dry. Until then you have to let it leak. That’s the best way to clean your body off toxins. In future lead a plant based lifestyle

09:10 PM | 16-08-2019

Hello Megha,

Drink boiled water.
Gargle with neem water and turmeric water.

Avoid any spicy, oily foods,icecream and carbonated drinks. 

04:08 PM | 15-08-2019

Plz.drink warm water 

04:08 PM | 15-08-2019

Gaargaling with black pepper and cloves powder can save you
Tulsi oil or Panch Tulsi single drops after meal can wonderfully heal you.

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