02:06 PM | 13-08-2019

I am a 33 year old having sugar and bp both can it be cured

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10:07 PM | 14-08-2019

10:07 PM | 14-08-2019

Food diet is the best cure for sugar 
Take only citrus fruits equal to 10 percent of your weight in the breakfast.
Half lunch diet and same for evening.
Take hot or H2 water three to four times a day.
Take only fibres in the meal.
Half your diet when you are thirty further half when you cross fifty. Take only liquid after sixty.
Best way to deal sugar is take less but more time. 

10:06 PM | 14-08-2019


Yes, both BP and Diabetes can be cured by lifestyle changes.Increase your 

  • Intake of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • physical activity


  • Dairy and animal foods
  • oily and packed foods
  • All sugary foods

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