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HI, I am 26 male. Suffering from Acne problems from last 5 yrs. I have picked many pimples on face and also i remember that one time i got a blind huge pimple on cheek which i Pearced with needle and removed pus and blood.. It was wrong as the head of pimple was not formed.. Now it have taken a cystic form there is semi solid white material filled in it and its not going away. When i press and remove the pus it generates again n again.. I scared togo to dermatologist. Pls save me. Help me.

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12:00 PM | 14-08-2019

Hi there , 

Acne is a common problem nowadays which is because of many reasons so do not worry about it . It is always good to leave it as it is and never ever use any device whether sharp or blunt to prick it . It can make the matters worst . 
Apply a hot washcloth to the affected area for 45 seconds then apply a cold washcloth for 15 seconds. Do this three times in succession always ending with the cold. Repeat several times during the day.
For safety reason in your case you should see a dermatologist .

03:11 PM | 14-08-2019

Hi please suggest a dermatologist in Mumbai.
who would have practice of dealing with such level of problem..


12:01 PM | 14-08-2019


Pimples are a reflection of an unclean bowel or intestines having lot of old matter deposits. As you realise yourself you should not pick on the pimples. Instaed apply multani mitti as face pack, which will help it ripen faster and help it go. A long term solution to this is helping your body cleanse iself of all the toxin deposits. Just by following the below given instructions for a month you can see that most of your pimples have cleared and you are getting a healthier skin. To remove the toxins you will have to change your food habits and include some healthy practices in your daily routine.

Foods to be removed

1 All packaged and processed outside food-like substances.

2 Refined flour and refined oil

3 All types of stimulants like tea and coffee. If you drink alcohol then that too must be stopped.

4 All overcooked, deep-fried oily food.

Foods to be included

1 Fresh locally grown seasonal fruits - 50% of daily intake

2 Fresh seasonal vegetables and greens - 35% of daily intake

3 Grains - soaked or sprouted or steamed - 10 % of daily intake

4 soaked nuts and seeds - 5% of daily intake

And understand this - it is not only the food that influences your quality of blood but many other things too matter equally. 

1 Learn Pranayam and yoga for relaxing your mind, improving your flexibility and activating your lymphatic system.

2 Get good sun exposure either in the early hours of the morning or a couple of hours before sunset. 

3 Get in touch with Mother Earth. Do some gardening with your hands or at least walk barefoot on sand or mud. Sit in parks or lie on the ground or lawns and relax.

4 Keep an eye on your bowel movement. See to it that your bowels are always functioning normally. Eliminate larger quantities than what you eat.

5 Rest and relax well. Sleep in the earlier part of the night and sleep through the night. Wake up before or with the sun.

6 Be well hydrated. Consume a lot of juicy fruits veggies and greens to hydrate yourself well.

7 Get your body moving, do yoga or participate in any outdoor sport, walk or do some gardening. Moving your body will support the removal of toxins and free flow of vitality

8 Be happy always. Don’t let life’s negativities to bog you down. Always be positive.

More things you can try

1You may wrap a wet towel around your stomach every morning for half an hour.

2 You can take a spinal bath for 15 minutes every morning.

3 You can take a hip bath every evening before bed for 15 mts.

4 Splash cold water on your face  to 4 times a day and pat it dry.

5 Do not use any chemical based soaps creams or lotions on your skin. instead use gram flour with lemon juice far your bath.

Follow these principles and as you go on eliminating toxins and discarding all damaged unhealthy tissues you will start seeing a great change in your overall health.

Be happy be healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 

Nature Cure Practitioner

03:15 PM | 14-08-2019

Hi, Thanks for all advice. I already doing most of things mentioned.. yoga pranayam, avoid processed food,alcohol, tea coffee..
My acne cleared after drinking warm water on empty stomach.. now it comes again whenever I take Greece foods we can't avoid bad food in india..


12:00 PM | 14-08-2019


This is a very delicate issue at this point of whatever you have discussed. I guess right now the best thing will be to not touch the pimple. You can for now try neem plant, crushed neem plant and eucalyptus oil and apply to the area. You can see if it helps. Also Neem plant and organic coconut oil can work best too if there is an infection formed due to the unsterilized needle used. 

I hope this remedy works as a miracle and gives you hope. 

However, also if this remedy fails then kindly seek assistance from an experienced Naturopathic Physician near your place who can guide you right.

Hope you get better.

03:05 PM | 14-08-2019

will try organic coconut oil.

Dr. Stuti Niles...

03:07 PM | 14-08-2019

Yes please it should help you to the maximum 😊

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त्वचा हमारे शरीर का सहज ज़रिया है। अम्ल (acid) को प्रतिबिम्बित करने का। शरीर (elimination)निष्कासन की प्रक्रिया में लगा है। हम उसको आहार शुद्धि से मदद करें।

सुबह लंबा गहरा स्वाँस अंदर भरें और रुकें फिर पूरे तरीक़े से स्वाँस को ख़ाली करें रुकें फिर स्वाँस अंदर भरें ये एक चक्र हुआ। ऐसे 10 चक्र एक टाइम पर करना है। ये दिन में चार बार करें।

सुबह ख़ाली पेट आधा खीरा 5 पुदीने या करी पत्ते के साथ पिस कर उसमें 100ml पानी मिला कर पिएँ।

जूस को मुँह में रख कर एक बार सहज स्वाँस लें फिर घूँट अंदर लें।

2 घंटे बाद कोई भी एक तरीक़े का फल नाश्ते में लें।फल को ठीक से चबा कर खाएँ। कोई नमक या चाट मसला या चीनी, दूध मिक्स ना करें। 

दोपहर 12 बजे सफ़ेद पेठे (ashguard) 20 ग्राम पीस 100ml पानी मिला कर लें।

सलाद दोपहर 1बजे बिना नमक के खाएँ तो अच्छा होगा क्योंकि नमक सलाद के गुणों को कम कर देता है।सलाद में हरे पत्तेदार सब्ज़ी को डालें और नारियल पीस कर मिलाएँ।

लाल, हरा, पीला शिमला मिर्च 1/4 हिस्सा हर एक का मिलाएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी लें।

रात के खाने में इस अनुपात से खाना खाएँ 2 कटोरी सब्ज़ी के साथ 1कटोरी चावल या 1रोटी लें। रात 8 बजे के बाद कुछ ना खाएँ, 12 घंटे का (gap) अंतराल रखें। 8बजे रात से 8 बजे सुबह तक कुछ नहीं खाना है।

एक नियम हमेशा याद रखें ठोस(solid) खाने को चबा कर तरल (liquid) बना कर खाएँ। तरल  को मुँह में घूँट घूँट पीएँ। खाना ज़मीन पर बैठ कर खाएँ। खाते वक़्त ना तो बात करें और ना ही TV और mobile को देखें।ठोस  भोजन के तुरंत बाद या बीच बीच में जूस या पानी ना लें। भोजन हो जाने के एक घंटे बाद तरल पदार्थ  ले सकते हैं।

हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास करें। शाम तक केवल पानी लें, प्यास लगे तो ही पीएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी और रात 8 बजे सलाद लें।

खीरा+एलोवेरा का पल्प का पेस्ट चेहरे पर 20मिनट के लिए लगाएँ।

चेहरे को गुलाब जल + बेसन और हल्दी से साफ़ करें। साबुन या कोई भी क्रीम का प्रयोग बंद कर दें।

नहाने के पानी में ख़ुशबू वाले फूलों का रस मिलाएँ। नींबू या पुदीना का रस मिला सकते हैं।खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें या खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा कर सकते हैं।

मेरुदंड (स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें। हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें। हफ़्ते में 3 दिन मेरुदंड का स्नान करें। मेरुदंड स्नान के लिए अगर टब ना हो तो एक मोटा तौलिया गीला कर लें बिना निचोरे उसको बिछा लें।अपने मेरुदंड को उस स्थान पर रखें।


रूबी, Ruby


प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली शिक्षिका (Nature Cure Educator)


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Take 2 leafs of sadafuli flower it will cure your problem from root 

09:39 AM | 21-08-2019

How to use?


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