03:57 PM | 14-08-2019

Hey, i hv problem of pcos i get my periods on time by taking medicine... I want to get healed naturally... What should i do..??

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10:16 PM | 14-08-2019

Do pranayam regularly

09:45 AM | 15-08-2019

PCOS is harmonal disturbance as well infection in urinal track and irreglar cleansing of uterus.
Pls make sure hygenic condition I can suggest you special sanitary pads which are energized and cure more than fifty women problems
Take regular Kati snan twice 
You can use mustard oil and Tulsi oil in urinal track with cotton
Pudina garlic black pepper and turmeric tea is useful twice

09:44 AM | 15-08-2019

Hi there,


Some of the diet that'll help manage your symptoms are food with low glycemic index such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, starchy vegetables, and other unprocessed and  low-carbohydrate foods.

Anti-inflammatory foods, such as berries, leafy greens, and extra virgin olive oil, may reduce inflammation-related symptoms. These diets contain mostly mono unsaturated fats and lesser saturated fats

Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of hot water and drink it daily for a few months.

Fenugreek promotes glucose metabolism in the body and improves insulin resistance. This in turn helps balance hormones.

 It may also help lower cholesterol, aid weight loss and promote healthy heart functioning.

Add Bitter gourd as it is known for its ability to control the blood sugar levels and it can work to control the symptoms of PCOD in the same way. 

 Add tulsi , aloe Vera ,Amla and flaxseed .

Avoid oily fried food items , processed foods , added sugars and preservatives, smoking and alcohol 

A regular exercises daily will help in losing your weight .

09:44 AM | 15-08-2019

Dear Parul, lets first understand that why you are naturally not getting periods on time. Any symptoms of the body is the sysmtom of irregularities present in the digestive system which is the basic functionality of body. 

The bad lifestyle, eating food at irregular time, not allowing our body to follow its circadian rhythms, not feeling grateful and not being positive also add up to same. 

Start your day with being grateful for the beautiful life, consume fruits in the morning, sit in the sunlight, and have salads in afternoon and eat your dinner before 8PM..start with this and gradual make this essential part of your life. You will get benefits from same. 

09:44 AM | 15-08-2019



मिनरल के कमी से हार्मोन पर असर पड़ा है। खुराक में सुधार करें।

मर्ज़ारी आसन करें, प्रतिदिन साइक्लिंग या रस्सी कूदना या तैरना या कोई भी शारीरिक व्यायाम करें।

खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें और खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा करें।

नीम के पत्ते का पेस्ट अपने गर्भाशय (uterus) पर रखें। 20मिनट तक रख कर साफ़ कर लें।

मेरुदंड स्नान के लिए अगर टब ना हो तो एक मोटा तौलिया गीला कर लें बिना निचोरे उसको बिछा लें और अपने मेरुदंड को उस स्थान पर रखें।

मेरुदंड (स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें। हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें और हफ़्ते में 3 दिन मेरुदंड स्नान करें।

सब्ज़ी, सलाद, फल, मेवे, आपका मुख्य आहार होगा। आप सुबह सफ़ेद पेठे 20ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। 2 घंटे बाद फल नाश्ते में लेना है।

दोपहर में 12 बजे फिर से इसी जूस को लें। इसके एक घंटे बाद खाना खाएँ।शाम को 5 बजे सफ़ेद पेठे (ashguard) 20 ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी मिला। 2घंटे तक कुछ ना लें। रात के सलाद में हरे पत्तेदार सब्ज़ी को डालें, ताज़ा नारियल की मिलाएँ। रात का खाना 8 बजे खाएँ

लाल, हरा, पीला शिमला मिर्च 1/4 हिस्सा हर एक का मिलाएँ। इसे बिना नमक के खाएँ, बहुत फ़ायदा होगा। पृथ्वी तत्व को शरीर में डालने का एक नियम हमेशा याद रखें ठोस (solid) खाने को चबा कर तरल (liquid) बना कर खाएँ। तरल (liquid) को मुँह में घूँट घूँट पीएँ। खाना ज़मीन पर बैठ कर खाएँ। खाते वक़्त ना तो बात करें और ना ही TV और mobile को देखें। ठोस (solid) भोजन के तुरंत बाद या बीच बीच में जूस या पानी ना लें। भोजन हो जाने के एक घंटे बाद तरल पदार्थ (liquid) ले सकते हैं।

ऐसा करने से हाज़मा कभी ख़राब नहीं होगा।

जानवरों से उपलब्ध होने वाले भोजन वर्जित हैं।

तेल, मसाला, और गेहूँ से परहेज़ करेंगे तो अच्छा होगा।

हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास करें। शाम तक केवल पानी लें, प्यास लगे तो ही पीएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी और रात 8 बजे सलाद लें।


रूबी, Ruby


प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली शिक्षिका (Nature Cure Educator)

09:43 AM | 15-08-2019

Namaste Parul Saluja 

First thing please stop the medicine. And let the body to heal on its own. To heal the body on its own you will have to make certain lifestyle and food habit changes. Which would result in the cleansing of toxins accumulated over the years and start the healing process. Here is what you can do

Foods to be removed

1 All packaged and processed outside food-like substances.

2 Refined flour and refined oil

3 All types of stimulants like tea and coffee. If you drink alcohol then that too must be stopped.

4 All overcooked, deep-fried oily food.

5 Dairy, eggs and meat

Foods to be included

1 Fresh locally grown seasonal fruits - 50% of daily intake

2 Fresh seasonal vegetables and greens - 35% of daily intake

3 Grains - soaked or sprouted or steamed - 10 % of daily intake

4 soaked nuts and seeds - 5% of daily intake

And understand this - it is not only the food that influences your quality of healtg but many other things too matter equally. 

1 Learn Pranayam and yoga for relaxing your mind, improving your flexibility and activating your lymphatic system.As you slowly learn the asanas your glands will start working better and assist well in your cleansing and healing. You can see relief in pain just after a months practice too. If you follow rest of the advice also properly.

2 Get good sun exposure either in the early hours of the morning or a couple of hours before sunset. 

3 Get in touch with Mother Earth. Do some gardening with your hands or at least walk barefoot on sand or mud. Sit in parks or lie on the ground or lawns and relax.

4 Keep an eye on your bowel movement. See to it that your bowels are always functioning normally. Eliminate larger quantities than what you eat.

5 Rest and relax well. Sleep in the earlier part of the night and sleep through the night. Wake up before or with the sun. Cleansing and healing happens best when you are in rest.

6 Be well hydrated. Consume a lot of juicy fruits veggies and greens to hydrate yourself well.

7 Get your body moving, do yoga or participate in any outdoor sport, walk or do some gardening. Moving your body will support the removal of toxins and free flow of vitality

8 Be happy always. Don’t let life’s negativities to bog you down. Always be positive.

Other things you can do to help your uterus relax and heal faster.

1 You can take a hip bath for 15 mts every evening.

2 You may wrap a wet pack around your stomach every morning for atleast 30 mts.

3 You may do the hot and cold fomentation on your stomach , uterus area daily for 20 minutes.

For all these above Hydrotherapy treatments you may refer to my blog on Hydrotherapy.

Follow these principles and as you go on eliminating toxins and discarding all damaged unhealthy tissues you will start seeing a great change in your overall health. 


Be happy be healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 

Nature Cure Practitioner

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