01:01 PM | 04-09-2019

How a working person can apply practically law of Naturopathy of eating food before sunset in city life?

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8 Answers

05:24 PM | 04-09-2019

Hi, I understand practically that it would be difficult for working person to plan their meal before sunset, but atleast if you could finish your meal before 8:00 pm and walk for 10-15minutes, then it will give a gap of 2-3 hours before you sleep which helps in digestion.

08:26 PM | 04-09-2019

Good advice

Dr.Mythreyee Sharma

08:35 PM | 04-09-2019

Thank you

05:23 PM | 04-09-2019

Dear health seeker you have raised a very pertinent question. Nature cure has well defined laws of diets and normal living. One must be aware as to how to lead a normal life in occordance with the immutable, inviolable laws of nature and lead a healthy life free from affliction. Start your day with energy provided by the sun, by soaking its rays for 30 to 40 minutes followed by a refreshing full bath cold water cold showers. Breakfast should be pre-dominantly be either locally grown fruits coconut scrappings or a plateful of salads & coconut or some pre-soaked almonds. Or ragimalt. Lunch should be rotis/rice/chapatis/made from wholesome wheat/ millets/ jowar/ ragi and boiled/steamed veggies and salads with dash of coconut, Finish your dinner of tree-ripened locally grown fruits and enough coconut scrappings else alternate it by raw and cooked vegetables with sufficient amount of coconut added to them. Before sunset. As per old ayurveda our digestive power is at its best before sunset.


10:41 PM | 04-09-2019

Thank you for your Answer


05:22 PM | 04-09-2019

Monday to Friday I have started keeping some natural food in my office cabin.  Then I used to manage my time of 6 to 7 pm with this food. 


Then by reaching home,  I take something very light such as single fruit,  soup or very light dish to eat.  Saturday and Sunday is off so I manage my food and timing, I stay in Mumbai. 


I am following this much.

10:43 PM | 04-09-2019

Application part is always appriciable.

In city life , you are following this much is also good.


05:22 PM | 04-09-2019

It is very well understood that nowadays we have hectic city life and it is difficult to maintain a work-life balance. The main thing we have to notice how to balance our diet. So to start with how you are working if you have a typical work schedule from morning to evening then make sure your breakfast contains more carbohydrates and so your lunch by the time you reach home even after 7-8 you will have the energy to munch on some low-calorie food like salads or fruits.

The main thing you have to carry is a bag with your tiffins, and have a good eal at 5-6 pm by taking a break. This will help you to maintain the hunger after sunset and you won't binge eat.

Take care.

10:44 PM | 04-09-2019

Thank you for your Answer


05:26 PM | 04-09-2019

I was working for 20 yrs in IT before I quit last December. I am on raw till dinner. Juices and smoothies all morning, fruits by mid afternoon and next I feel hungry by 630-7. I eat and I am light by the time I sleep. If u don’t snack and keep the stomach busy digesting complex foods and make sure you become hungry earlier then u will find a reason to have early dinners. It’s all the planning around the calls for hunger. Don’t feed anything if not hungry. It takes sometime to know the pattern. If you are new just observe the body's call for hunger, feed quality raw or cooked that’s gluten free and oilfree for dinner .. don’t overeat. 


Be blessed
Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

05:24 PM | 04-09-2019

The Most important thing is to live healthy and happy, According to circadian rhythm or Nature's law the best dinner time is 5:00pm -7:00 pm,if we take dinner at this time , is best for our vitality ; we should try, if it's not possible you can take dinner 3 hour before sleep.

05:21 PM | 04-09-2019

नमस्ते हमारा शरीर का हाज़मा सूर्य उदय और सूर्यअस्त के हिसाब से काम करता इसीलिए सूर्यअस्त के बाद पका हुआ खाना वर्जित बताया गया है। यदि खाना कच्चे रूप में लिया जाए तो कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी।

सूर्यअस्त होने के बाद 2 घंटे के अंदर भोजन लें। सुबह सलाद केवल कच्चे सब्ज़ियों का खा कर जाएँ। पका हुआ खाना दोपहर को लें। घर आ कर फल खाएँ। फल को हज़म होने में 3 घंटे लगेंगे। सलाद को हज़म होने में 5 से 6 घंटे लगते हैं। पका हुआ खाना तेल रहित है, ग्लूटेन रहित है तो 7 से 8 घंटे नहीं तो 12 से 15 घंटे तक लगते हैं।



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली प्रशिक्षिका व मार्गदर्शिका (Nature Cure Guide & Educator)नमस्ते


11:35 AM | 05-09-2019

you can definitely apply the laws of nature in busy life.
you can choose healthy nuts n fresh fruits instead of oily snacks. 
According to law of nature you dont to consume heavy diet in dinner you can choose veg soup salads in dinner .
Its problematic when you choose to eat cooked food and for preparation you dont have enough time 
your determination have power to do anything If you are determine then its not difficult task.

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