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11:50 AM | 26-12-2018

What to do for falling hair - both in terms of diet and external?

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5 Answers

08:56 AM | 26-12-2018

Hi, you can boil few leaves of kadi patta in coconut oil. After it cools down, you can add baal jhad herb to it. Apply it overnight and shampoo the next day. Apply it thrice a week. 

10:36 AM | 26-12-2018

Hi, Anchal.. Baal jhad or baal jhadi is easily available in any Ayurvedic shop..


08:59 AM | 26-12-2018

hi shanu. what is baal jhad herb? where can i buy it?


09:52 PM | 25-12-2018

I’d suggest rubbing some coconut oil in your scalp, wrapping your head and just leaving it like that for a few hours or overnight. Washing it off may be tricky. But it’s worth it. Do it at least once a week. It does really work. If you find an authentic Indian Parachute or Dabur Coconut Hair Oil, it’s the best! Otherwise just any coconut oil will do.

09:52 PM | 25-12-2018

Hi! I came across this article and found it very helpful. You can also read to understand the signal of falling hair. Here it is -


05:17 PM | 25-12-2018

In terms of diet, incorporate more proteins. Like lentils, sprouts and tofu. In terms of external application, juice of onion, curry leaves and ginger is the most effective home remedy for strengthening hair roots and stimulating growth.

05:16 PM | 25-12-2018

Hairfall and dandruff are our body’s way of telling us the inputs we are giving it is off balance. These inputs for our body is food, sleep & rest (for ample time to repair, build and restore), sunlight and air (through breathing).   While food does play a major role in whatever our body signals, sleep and rest cannot be undermined. Lack of proper deep restorative sleep is very deeply linked to the health of our hormonal system. And any internal imbalance in the hormonal system also triggers hair fall or dandruff or other such skin and hair issues!

Hairfall is also one of the first indicators of increasing toxicity in our bodies and if the balance is not corrected these symptoms then manifest in some other illnesses or diseases.

Good news is correcting the balance requires some lifestyle changes and so the situation is completely reversible. Here are a few things you can do:

- Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, especially seasonal varieties
- Dry hair is due to frequent washing with chemical soaps and shampoos. Use shikakai or hibiscus leaves instead.
- Frequent brushing helps to distribute natural oil of the hair evenly. Brushing also helps remove dirt, dust & dandruff. Use wood bristles, not nylon.
- Wash to cleanse the scalp, NOT the hair.
- Coconut milk and fruit pulps are the best conditioners and lime the best cleanser. 


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