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10:06 AM | 18-10-2019

I'm having extreme hairfall from last 2 years. How it can be treated by changing my lifestyle?

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8 Answers

07:52 PM | 18-10-2019



Lifestyle changes will helps you to prevent hair loss


Eat the right nutrients

  • Diet plays an important role in strengthen and health of hair. 
  • Proteins, fats, and certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for hair health. 
  • It’s is important to have protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, magnesium, and vitamin B12 for improving hair strength. 
  • To ensure you get all the nutrient consume foods, like fruits and vegetables especially green leafy Vegetables, sprouted gram, dry fruits nuts, beans, sweet potatoes etc. 
  • Include green leafy vegetables especially curry leaves, mint leaves, spinach, drumstick leaves in your diet.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Avoid milk and milk products.
  • Avoid preserved and fries oily food items.
  • Avoid refined sugar and flour. 
  • Avoid non veg.
  • Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily. 
  • Keep the hair clean. Avoid dust and pollution.

Massage your scalp

Massaging your head using coconut oil/sesame oil will for hair growth, it helps to get the hair follicles get strengthened and improves blood circulation to the scalp, leads to abundant nutritional supply to the hair follicle. Hair gets strengthened and prevents hair thinning and promotes hair growth.


Regular Trims

Hair tends to be the most damaged near the tips, damaged hair has straw-like texture, and can be chopped off to promote growth and remove split ends.


Avoid taking hot showers

Hot showers dehydrate strands, and strips the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dry, brittle hair that’s more prone to breakage always use water in lukewarm or normal temperature.  

  • Use mild natural shampoos and conditioners.
  • Avoid chemical shampoos, hair colors and conditioners.


Both sudden and chronic stress can disturb the hair growth, Use stress-relieving techniques like deep relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and meditation.


Do regular physical activities like jogging, walking, skipping etc.



Practicing regular Yoga promotes blood circulation to specific parts of the body like the scalp. Sufficient oxygen supplies to the scalp and prevents hair loss.


Following asanas help to improve your hair growth.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Position.
  • Vajrasana or Diamond Pose.
  • Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend.
  • Sirsasana or Head Stand Pose.
  • Ustrasana or Camel Pose.
  • Pawanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose.
  • Sarvanagsana or Shoulder stand pose

Pranayama: Kaphala Bhati, Nadi Shodhana and Bhramari.


Natural remedies to prevent Hairfall and improve hair growth:


Liquorice root

  • Make a paste by adding a tablespoon of ground liquorice root and a quarter teaspoon saffron to one cup milk. Apply this to your scalp and hair length and leave it on overnight. Next morning, wash your hair  (use weekly once or twice).
  • Prevents hair loss and further damage to the hair. It helps to soothen the scalp and get rid of any dry flakes/dandruff.

Coconut Milk

  • Grate a medium-sized coconut and simmer it in a pan for five minutes. Strain and cool. Then add one tablespoon each of crushed black pepper and fenugreek seeds to the milk. Apply on your scalp and hair. After 20 minutes, rinse with a mild shampoo
  • The protein and essential fats in coconut promotes hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Aloe vera gel

  • Take 2 teaspoons of gel from an aloe vera leaf. Blend the gel to a smooth consistency. Apply it on the scalp and massaging the gel gently with your fingertips. After massaging your scalp for about 5 minutes with the gel, leave it on for an 10- 15 minutes. Rinse it out with warm water.
  • Aloe vera helps heal and repair dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth from inactive hair follicles, increasing hair volume. Daily consumption (internal in empty stomach) of aloevera juice is also help promote hair growth.

Curry leaves

  • Take handful of fresh curry leaves and grind with some water make a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins the rinse it with normal water. (use weekly once or twice).
  • Curry leaves helps in promotion of hair growth and also in retain of natural hair color.


  • Take 2 tsp of amla powder and lime juice mix it and make a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins the rinse it with normal water. ( use weekly once or twice).
  • The high amounts of vitamin C in this pack help boost the collagen levels in your scalp, strengthens the hair and increasing hair growth.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight.  In the morning, blend the seeds with a little bit of the water and make a thick, smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins the rinse it with normal water. ( use weekly once or twice).
  • It helps to reduce dandruff and dryness, and also soothes the scalp of any inflammation or aggravation and improves hair quality.

Henna leaves

  • Take handful of fresh henna leaves and grind with some water make a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins the rinse it with normal water. (use weekly once or twice).
  • Henna helps to strengthen the hair shaft, balances the pH of the scalp and condition the hair and prevents hair break.


07:03 PM | 22-10-2019


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06:48 PM | 21-10-2019


lifestyle changes can cure any problem including hair loss.

What can be the reason for hairfall?
Hairfall may be due to the nutritional deficiencies or it may also occur due to pollution, dust or some allergy.Using chemical based products on hairs may also be the reason for hairfall. 

What could be done to stop hairfall?


  • Have fruits and vegetables which are rich in iron,vitamins, minerals like pomegranate, spinach,beetroot. 
  • Avoid milk and other dairy products. 
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Have 4-5 soaked almonds. 
  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Have nuts,sprouts, beans which are a good source of protein and protein is essential for healthy hairs.


Mix coconut oil with castor oil and warm it.Then,massage your scalp for 5-10min with this warm oil.




Shirsha asana, parvat asan are very effective for hairfall. These asanas improves the blood circulation and hence gives strength to the roots.


Local applications on hairs 


  • Don't use chemicals on your hairs.
  • In place  of chemical based conditioners, use aloe vera gel.
  • Wash your hairs with reetha and black mud.
  • Don't wash your hairs with warm water. 

Thank you 

07:03 PM | 22-10-2019

Your hair need better care and you need to eat nutritional food and healthy diet plan

07:03 PM | 22-10-2019

Why do people with cancer chemotherapy lose hair rapidly ? It’s because acidic medicines are pumped that kills cells and tissues break down. A smaller version of that is what your body is facing. The more natural your diet is the more efficiently your elimination of waste will be. Trillions of cells are working in the body and they have a lot of nutrition to absorb and work and they also have waste to send out daily. When the lymphatic system has been collecting toxic waste, kidneys and other parts are not able to do its job due to an acidic environment caused from wrong foods that are NOT foods of humans like dairy eggs meat fish sugar fried foods soda daily cooking refined oils outside foods grains etc and absolutely no raw fruits veggies greens which IS the natural food of our species, then hair will also naturally be impacted.


  • As much as possible, have fruits throughout your day, juices and avoid grains and foods listed above.
  • Massage the scalp
  • Use natural cleaning agents on the body 

Following Can be prepared once a week and refrigerated and used for both body and hair 



following moisturiser can be prepared at home




This will help



Be blessed
Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)


12:18 PM | 21-10-2019

You may read our blog: Healthy hair - nourish your crowning glory from within. Hope you find it useful.

Adopting a natural lifestyle will help you in reclaiming your health. You can explore our Nature-Nurtures Program that helps you in making the transition, step by step. 

01:27 PM | 21-10-2019

Please provide some links for shoulder and neck rotation, inversion position in yoga


07:52 PM | 18-10-2019



कारण - बाल हमारे शरीर का हिस्सा है। बालों में पोषक तत्व की कमी, ठीक प्रकार से ऑक्सिजन का संचार, और पेट में प्रदाह (inflammation) के कारण बाल झड़ते हैं।  बाल असमय पकने लगते हैं। अन्य समस्या होती है।

समाधान - अर्धशीर्षआसन करें। सूर्य नमस्कार 5  बार करें। अनुलोमविलोम, भ्रामरी, उज्जायी प्राणायाम करें। रासायनिक शैंपू का प्रयोग ना करें। मेथी के दाने को भिगो कर रात भर छोड़ दें सुबह उस पानी में नींबू का रस मिला कर बालों को उससे साफ़ करें। सर पर सूती कपड़ा बाँध कर उसके ऊपर खीरा और मेहंदी या करी पत्ते का पेस्ट लगाएँ। नाभि पर खीरा का पेस्ट लगाएँ।पैरों को 20 मिनट के लिए सादे पानी से भरे किसी बाल्टी या टब में डूबो कर रखें।

जीवन शैली - आकाश तत्व - एक खाने से दुसरे खाने के बीच में अंतराल (gap) रखें।

फल के बाद 3 घंटे, सलाद के बाद 5 घंटे, और पके हुए खाने के बाद 12 घंटे का (gap) रखें।

वायु तत्व - प्राणायाम करें, आसन करें। दौड़ लगाएँ।

अग्नि - सूर्य की रोशनी लें।

जल - अलग अलग तरीक़े का स्नान करें। मेरुदंड स्नान, हिप बाथ, गीले कपड़े की पट्टी से पेट की गले और सर की 20 मिनट के लिए सेक लगाए। 

स्पर्श थरेपी करें। मालिश के ज़रिए भी कर सकते है। नारियल तेल से

घड़ी की सीधी दिशा (clockwise) में और घड़ी की उलटी दिशा (anti clockwise)में मालिश करें। नरम हाथों से बिल्कुल भी प्रेशर नहीं दें।

पृथ्वी - सुबह खीरे का जूस लें, खीरा 1/2 भाग + धनिया पत्ती (10 ग्राम) पीस लें, 100 ml पानी मिला कर पीएँ। यह juice आप कई प्रकार के ले सकते हैं। पेठे (ashguard ) का जूस लें और कुछ नहीं लेना है। नारियल पानी भी ले सकते हैं। बेल का पत्ता 8 से 10 पीस कर I100ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। खीरा 1/2 भाग + धनिया पत्ती (10 ग्राम) पीस लें, 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। बेल पत्ता 8 से 10 पीस कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर लें। दुब घास 25 ग्राम पीस कर छान कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। कच्चे सब्ज़ी का जूस आपका मुख्य भोजन है। 2 घंटे बाद फल नाश्ते में लेना है। 

फल को चबा कर खाएँ। इसका juice ना लें। फल + सूखे फल नाश्ते में लें।

दोपहर के खाने में सलाद + नट्स और अंकुरित अनाज के लें। बिना नींबू और नमक के लें। स्वाद के लिए नारियल और herbs मिलाएँ।

रात के खाने में इस अनुपात से खाना खाएँ 2 कटोरी सब्ज़ी के साथ 1कटोरी चावल या 1रोटी लें। एक बार पका हुआ खाना रात को 7 बजे से पहले लें।

सेंधा नमक केवल एक बार पके हुए खाने में लें। जानवरों से उपलब्ध होने वाले भोजन वर्जित हैं।

तेल, मसाला, और गेहूँ से परहेज़ करेंगे तो अच्छा होगा। चीनी के जगह गुड़ लें।

एक नियम हमेशा याद रखें ठोस(solid) खाने को चबा कर तरल (liquid) बना कर खाएँ। तरल  को मुँह में घूँट घूँट पीएँ। खाना ज़मीन पर बैठ कर खाएँ। खाते वक़्त ना तो बात करें और ना ही TV और mobile को देखें।ठोस  भोजन के तुरंत बाद या बीच बीच में जूस या पानी ना लें। भोजन हो जाने के एक घंटे बाद तरल पदार्थ  ले सकते हैं।

हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास करें। शाम तक केवल पानी लें, प्यास लगे तो ही पीएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी और रात 8 बजे सलाद लें।

उपवास के अगले दिन किसी प्राकृतिक चिकित्सक के देख रेख में टोना लें। जिससे आँत की प्रदाह को शांत किया जा सके। एनिमा किट मँगा लें। यह किट ऑनलाइन मिल जाएगा। इससे 200ml पानी गुदाद्वार से अंदर डालें और प्रेशर आने पर मल त्याग करें। ऐसा दिन में दो बार करना है अगले 21 दिनों के लिए। ये करना है ताकि शरीर में मोजुद विषाणु निष्कासित हो जाये। इसके बाद हफ़्ते में केवल एक बार लेना है उपवास के अगले दिन। टोना का फ़ायदा तभी होगा जब आहार शुद्धि करेंगे।



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली प्रशिक्षिका व मार्गदर्शिका (Nature Cure Guide & Educator)

07:52 PM | 18-10-2019

नमस्ते ,

बालों का झड़ना अत्यधिक तनाव, हार्मोंस का असंतुलन ,बालों को पर्याप्त पोषण ना मिल पाना, सिर में संक्रमण, आयरन की कमी से होने वाला एनीमिया, विभिन्न प्रकार के रासायनिक शैंपू या साबुन का बालों में प्रयोग इत्यादि वजह से हो सकता है।


  • नींद रात्रि में 7 से 8 घंटे की नींद अवश्य लें, इससे शरीर में स्थित कोशिकाओं की मरम्मत होती है।


  •  प्रतिदिन गुनगुने पानी, नींबू एवं शहद का सेवन करें ,इससे आंतों की दीवारें फैलती हैं, दूषित पदार्थ बाहर निकलते हैं ।



  • जूस- प्रतिदिन एलोवेरा या आंवले के जूस का सेवन करें।


  •  भोजन में 80% मौसमी फल एवं हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों का सेवन करें, इससे भोजन का पाचन आसानी से होता है, शरीर को पर्याप्त मात्रा में पोषण प्राप्त होता है ।


  • मिट्टी के घड़े में रखे हुए जल को प्यास लगने पर बैठकर सेवन करें ,इससे शरीर के सभी अंगों को आवश्यक मात्रा में जल की आपूर्ति हो जाती है।


  •  ठंडे पानी से बालों को धोने और बालों की जड़ों को गलियों से अच्छी तरीके से  रगड़ने से रक्त संचार बढ़ता है।


  •  प्रतिदिन प्याज के रस को बालों की जड़ों में अच्छी तरीके से  रगड़े इसमें सल्फर होता है जो बालों में स्थित तमाम प्रकार के  संक्रमण को समाप्त करता है।


निषेध- जानवरों से प्राप्त भोज्य पदार्थ ,ठंडे पेय पदार्थ ,चााय- काफी ,चीनी, अचार, क्रोध, ईर्ष्या ,चिंता ,तनाव, रात्रि जागरण ,सोने से 2 घंटे पहले मोबाइल ,टेलीविजन, कंप्यूटर का प्रयोग, बालों रासायनिक साबुन या शैंपू का प्रयोग।

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