10:06 AM | 31-10-2019

Hi, when we are doing detox is that ok to have same fruits everyday (approx 6 weeks)? What to do if there are no more fruits options or vegetables?

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6 Answers

01:57 PM | 01-11-2019


Yes, it is ok to be on a single kind of fruit for 6 weeks, if there are no other options available,

There are instances where people go mono fruiting sometimes during the season of a particular fruit. And still the detoxing is happening just fine. So you will be fine to be on a single kind is fruit during season. 

This concept is called “ kalp” in Hindi or mono fruit island in English. 

Be happy be healthy always 

Swati Dhariwal 

Nature cure practitioner. 


06:33 PM | 02-11-2019

I would like to add a point to my previous writer that I would suggest you go on organic fruit or if you know sources where artificial ingredients like pesticides or fertilizers are used in very minimal quantities as there shouldn't a situation that the effort of detox failed.

These days a lot of coloring agents or wax is being used in fruits are used to increase the commercial value of it. Hence it would be best suggested that you source the fruits from the farms if that option is available to you or you may buy it from shops that sell organic fruits and vegetables

06:32 PM | 02-11-2019

Hi. As long as you choose to eat locally available, seasonal and fresh fruits, it’s ok to have the same fruits in your detox period. 


You can ensure whatever variety is available within these criterion, you are including all those. 


Additionally you can try to take only one type of fruit in one meal, for best digestive rest. Hence no fruit salads.


Melons are best eaten alone. 


In the long run, it’s best to include variety from other natural food groups too. Let the body cleanse in detox, but later the body needs building material too. 

06:32 PM | 02-11-2019


  • Its good to hear you are planning or taking mono diet for 6 weeks.  But you have to monitor your vitals regularly.
  • Because body needs more mineral and vitamins for maintaining the health and for the day to day activities.
  • Sometimes mono diet leads to muscle wasting,  dizziness due to lack of Nutrition. So Take proper care or practice mono diet under experts supervision.
  • Select fruits as per your requirements.
  • Select the seasonal fruits which available abundantly.

What you wish?  

To loss weight or gain weight? 
To detoxification? 
To increase immunity? 



02:49 PM | 03-11-2019

Hi Sir

Actually for breakfast I'm doing mono fruit diet

And for lunch I have brown rice and subji of what ever the vegetables available on that day ( without garlic and onion)

And for dinner I have some soup

Actually I'm doing it for detoxing

Thank you


06:32 PM | 02-11-2019

In India we have fewer fruit options because certain fruits are seasonal. Nature has planned seasonal fruits for a reason. Our body is going to be very happy having the same fruits daily. I have been having exactly the same fruits ( except some seasonal ones which come and go) daily for the last many yrs. I don’t feel bored and neither does my body. In fact we are frugivores like apes and we are supposed to be having those for life. Fruits are the highest vibrating foods on the planet and your healing will be also be so much effective on a fruit meal even if it’s the same daily. Mono meal is the best form in detox where you have the same fruit. Grapes / oranges / melons are some of the best mono meal options 


Hope this helps 

Thanks and be blessed

Smitha Hemadri ( Educator of natural healing practices ) 

06:33 PM | 02-11-2019

 डिटॉक्स का अर्थ है शरीर को दूषित पदार्थों से मुक्त करना, वर्तमान समय में तमाम प्रकार के कीटनाशक एवं रासायनिक चीजों का प्रयोग फलों एवं सब्जियों को उगाने एवं उन्हें सुरक्षित रखने के लिए किया जाता है जिससे कुछ रासायनिक तत्व शरीर में भी प्रवेश कर जाते हैं अतः हमें महीने में कम से कम 1 सप्ताह तक शरीर को डिटॉक्स कर लेना चाहिए इससे शरीर के सभी अंग सुचारू रूप से अपना कार्य करते हैं एवं दूषित पदार्थ शरीर से बाहर निकल जाते हैं।

  • डिटॉक्स केेे दौरान रात्रि में 7 से 8 घंटे की नींद अवश्य लें इससे शरीर में स्थित दूषित पदार्थ बाहर निकल जाते हैं।
  • प्रतिदिन प्रातः गुनगुने पानी नींबूू एवं शहद का सेवन करें, शरीर से दूषित पदार्थ बाहर निकल जाते हैं।


  • प्रतिदिन खीरा नींबू या आंवला के जूस का सेव करें, शरीर में से दूषित पदार्थों को बाहर निकालने में सहायक है।


  • भोजन में हल्की सुपाच्य कच्चे मौसमी फल या हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों को खूब चबा चबाकर सेवन करें ।


  • मिट्टी के घड़े में रखे हुए जल को प्यास लगने पर सेवन करें इससे शरीर में नमी बनी रहती है ,आंतरिक अंगों को पर्याप्त मात्रा में जल की आपूर्ति होती रहती है।


  • प्रसन्न चित्त रहें, खुलकर हंसे ,सकारात्मक सोचें।



  • प्रतिदिन कपालभाति एवं अनुलोम विलोम प्राणायाम का अभ्यास अनुभवी योग एवं नेचुरोपैथी फिजीशियन के निर्देशन में ही करें ।


 नोट-किसी भी प्रकार के विटामिन सी युक्त  फल या हरी पत्तेदार सब्जी जैसे पत्ता गोभी इत्यादि पर भी डिटॉक्सिफिकेशन कर सकते हैं या उपलब्ध फल या सब्जी पर भी किया जा सकता है।


निषेध -गर्भवती स्त्रियां ,किसी प्रकार के अंग प्रत्यारोपण वाले रोगी डिटॉक्सिफिकेशन न करें।


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