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10:45 AM | 03-04-2019

Hi. My daughter is not keeping well, skin allergy - eczema. She has been having this issue from age 2. From last 1 yr she is dairy free and bare minimum processed food, so some relief. From last 2 days she's got infection and am working on that. She's had some cheese sandwich in a bday party and it's got flared up.

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6 Answers

10:16 AM | 04-01-2019

Even I have had skin issues for a long while. Though there isnt any standard remedy as every body and issue is different, I have often found relief by applying cold pressed coconut oil. You may want to try!

04:15 PM | 03-04-2019

04:13 PM | 03-04-2019

If your question is about why she got it back just after one occurrence of cheese, then it’s a valid point. But her body is much more efficient in throwing out toxins now. Cheese is toxin and her body is doing its job. I worked with a child whose journey is on wellcure, she did have one such occurrence recently as she ate something that had cheese and did not know. She had very severe hives and pus breakouts. It took one month on a majorly raw to bring her back to normal. In India especially cheese has been adulterated a lot. So eating diary alone may not cause such severe eliminations unless they eat chemicals and additives in the name of cheese. 

Yes cutting out diary from her life was best for her. But please remember that it’s for her lifetime.. it’s not a diet that is done and she can indulge in those ocassionally. Especially on this, there is no going back. Please make her say goodbye to diary forever. As a family bringing that awareness and incorporating a whole food plant based diet is very important. Only the child alone cannot be made to be a vegan .. this applies to everyone. Every single person on this planet eliminates diary in their own way. Some of us find it very uncomfortable and some of them find it manageable. But it can never work for anyone. Thanks

08:52 AM | 14-01-2019

Mud packs are a very effective remedy for eczema and other skin diseases. Mud packs are available in all ayurvedic shops

03:27 PM | 05-01-2019

It has to be a continuous attempt to educate the child . Try to keep her on healthy foods at home - plent of fruits, juices, steamed veggies and a bit of cooked food. Animal products and grain heavy foods are difficult to digest. You have done well to take out dairy and processed food . Before going for parties, feed her something at home so she does not ask for the unhealthy food or take some home made snacks with you. Keep going, as she grows up she will understand herself what is good and bad for her.

10:15 AM | 04-01-2019

Keep her only on fruits till the allergy goes....whole fruits, fruit juices (homemade), fruit smoothies (like banana dates smoothie)...fruits are easy-to-digest foods, when we eat something the body prioritizes all energy on digestion, eating fruits means keeping energy reserved for healing.....through skin allergy, body is throwing out toxins, that's good!! let body focus on that & don't worry....your energies will rub on your daughter too.....in addition to fruits, let her stay hydrated through coconut water, nimboo paani (minus the refined white sugar).....if she is open to taking this - give her this lemon concoction every 3-4 hours. Lemons are alkalizing by nature & body heals best in an alkaline environment. lemon concoction = squeeze half a lemon, add an equal amount of water, 2-3 drops of ginger juice, 1 spoon honey......take it as medicine, don't look for taste. Let your daughter spend some time in the water - she should bathe 2-3 times a day, most important - keep her relaxed.

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