09:14 AM | 08-11-2019

Sir, I am suffering from hives... I keep iching whole day and night. Any remedy. Kindly help.

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05:10 PM | 08-11-2019

Hi. Please refer to the below resources to understand more about skin issues & Nature Cure.

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  2. Real-life natural healing stories of people who cured Skin Issues just by following Natural Laws.

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05:48 PM | 09-11-2019


Hives or Utricaria can be healed when we remove the toxins from our body. Most of our problems start in the gut. It is extremely important that you maintain a healthy gut. If your gut is not healthy it leads to kinds of skin issues .Your gut has both good bacteria and bad bacteria. If you have too much of the bad bacteria in your gut then it leads to a series of health issues. Things you can do to maintain a healthy gut.

Lifestyle changes

  • Eat a healthy diet. Lots of raw fruits, vegetables. Contain all essential nutrients and fibre to help heal and repair the gut. Helps feed the good bacteria.
  • Manage your stress. This is extremely important. Stress plays a huge role in maintaining hormonal balance. Stress causes a lot of disruption in the gut as well. When you are under constant stress there is decreased blood flow in the gut. This decreased blood supply to the gut then makes it impossible for the gut to function optimally.
  • Get rid of all processed, packed, sugary, oily , dairy and animal foods. Avoid gluten. All these cause bad bacteria to flourish in your gut. Gluten in wheat also is a disruptor to the microbiome of the gut.
  • Sleep well. During sleep your body repairs and heals your body
  • Make sure you are passing regular bowels. Old matter in the intestines again lead to toxicity in the body.
  • Regular exposure to sunshine and physical activity releases good hormones.
  • Avoid use of all kinds of cosmetics or chemicals.
  • Avoid use of plastics and microwave. They are hormonal disruptors.

Short term measure

  • Wear loose comfortable cotton clothing.
  • Take bath with cold water. Avoid itching it aggrevates the condition.
  • Try consuming coconut water everyday.

Wishing you good Health Always!

Thank you


05:48 PM | 09-11-2019


Hives also called as Urticaria is a type of skin condition usually resulting in raised, itchy rashes. It occurs due occurs due accumulation of toxic materials due to improper lifestyle. Acuumulation of toxins leads to increase in levels of certain chemicals like histamines are released into the skin, causing a rashes itching and sclay other symptoms to skin surface. Stress and other factors like allergic reaction to food, an insect bite, or an animal,  due to use of preservatives and food additives aggravates the condition.


  • Drink more water and keep your body dehydrated.
  • Take proper diet. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid vegetables which give allergic responses like brinjal (allergic to some peoples).
  • Avoid milk and milk products.
  • Avoid non vegetarian food items.
  • Avoid white flour, sugar, polished rice, and fatty, oily and spicy food items.
  • Avoid tea, coffee and other aerated, carbonated beverages. Do physical activities like walking, jogging etc.
  • Do regular Yoga practices like asanas, pranayama and meditation to reduce stress, which is also a main causative factor for skin problems like hives.
  • Do breathing exercises and relaxation practices.


Natural remedies:

Lukewarm Bath: Take regular bath will help to cleanse the affected area and helps to improve blood circulation.

Epsom Salt bath: Taken Epsom salt bath regularly helps to relieve the itching and reduces the inflammation of the skin.

Aloevera gel is an excellent home remedy for Hives. A component present in aloe vera gel accelerate the healing process and also acts has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory medicine.  

Coconut oil: Applying organic/virgin coconut, oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer and will relieve the intense itching sensation in the rashes. It also has antimicrobial properties which protects the skin from developing any bacterial or fungal infections 

Turmeric: Applying Turmeric paste (turmeric powder water) is very good and effective remedy for urticaria. It act as a anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antihistamine agent.

Ginger: Taking regular Ginger honey juice helps to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling and pain. Ginger helps to purify the blood and eliminates the toxins, decreases and cures itching in urticaria.


05:48 PM | 09-11-2019

What do you explained is majorly because of skin eliminating due to excess toxin accumulation in your body. you will have to clean your body to get rid of the toxins. You may Not have had these issues as a child but then due to bad lifestyle , accumulation of a lot of toxins in the liver, The body has eventually chosen to eliminate via are the skin. Don’t worry about the name of the problem that you’re having. The name doesn’t mean anything. All these issues stem from toxaemia. Cleaning your body is the only solution.

Skin issues majorly can be addressed if animal products such as dairy meat eggs fish are absolutely avoided.

Avoid gluten such as Maida and wheat products

Avoid sugar and other unnatural sweetners

Avoid all forms of steroids and other medications.

Include plenty of vegetable juices in ur daily consumption. Have plenty of fruits And leafy greens. Reduce the consumption of the cooked food to limit to only dinners. Expose yourself to sun as much as possible. When you’re flareups serial, fast on your juices. This will help you flush the toxins as much as possible. Then again go back to resuming your fruit salads and other things till dinner. Then your flareups might come back again and at this time again go juicing whole day. Repeat the cycle as long as it takes for complete healing


Avoid all forms of chemicals touching your skin in the form of soaps and shampoos.




Use coconut oil or this following moisturiser can be prepared at home




Read my Journey on eczema and other skin issues. Urs will also heal on similar lines thanks







Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

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