08:45 AM | 15-05-2019

What to give if a child is vomiting? We are on travelling. Just got a lemon and asked him to lick it. He's 6 years old.

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5 Answers

04:39 PM | 28-05-2019

A true solution of equal amounts of lemon and water is by far the best remedy for vomiting if you are on a trip. However if the child feels nauseated only during the travel, it is best to take continuous, deep breaths in sitting in an upright position, helping relieve the giddiness, sniffing a citrus fruit in breaks also helps.

09:57 AM | 10-01-2019

You could offer him a concoction of lemon juice with water 1:1 ratio. You can add mint juice too if you can find. I have seen it work with my family! Let him sip at his convenience n don’t make it a big glass for him to finish up.

09:57 AM | 10-01-2019

In my case, I was down with bad loose motion on a family trip last year. I ignored my body’s need to rest both physically and digestively, eating what was offered.  On 3rd day my stomach gave in with severe loose motion and vomiting.  Its then that I realized I needed to pay heed to my body. That day even though I was on road with family, I had only bananas and lemon + water concoction.  I bought some from local town before starting, and then took from roadside vendors as lemon is easy to find. Within a day of the required digestive rest, I was back on my feet.  If your child is upto it, support him through fruits esp bananas.

09:56 AM | 10-01-2019

In such a case, rest is the best remedy.  You have to provide him ample opportunity to rest, either in the car or on stopovers. The child would be lethargic and sleepy in any case.  See to it if he is able to do so.

Also give his stomach and digestion a good rest. Try and keep cooked food, grains, milk etc off limits till he regains appetite and full strength & energy.  Even after recovery keep his intake of fruits and vegetables in form of salads or juices high.

09:55 AM | 10-01-2019

Hi … vomiting is an elimination process of the body. Our body strives to maintain the acidic-alkaline balance always.  Due to overload of undigested food, lack of rest, sleep, processed foods etc. body;’s acidic levels rise with what is commonly referred to as toxins. Germs also grow well in this acidic medium. In this situation, the body takes faster elimination process in form of fever, vomiting, loose motions etc. to cleanse itself and bring back the balance.  Thus in such situations, we must support the body’s action & not fear it.

You could do so by keeping your child on fruits.  Feed only if he is hungry. If there is no appetite offer watery fruits such as oranges or anaar (whatever you can find locally) to keep him hydrated. Allow him to suckle on or juice it (if its an option).  Bananas, apple and anaar work best in this scenario

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