06:26 PM | 28-08-2018

My brother has cervical spondylitis. The pain is so acute that he has to take steroids. Can naturopathy be a cure? Anybody here aware about it?

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7 Answers

10:23 AM | 20-11-2018

I used to have regular and severe spondylitis for a long period of time, which then aggravated to vertigo. Once I made concrete changes to my lifestyle, this problem went away on its own.

Your brother can do the following for immediate relief:

1) Before sleeping, apply ginger juice with coconut oil on the back of your neck, the elbows and the soles of your feet. 

This will dilate the area, create better blood flow and thereby faster healing. 

2) Bathe twice a day. After apply coconut oil with rose water on your damp skin. Rinse off after. 

3) 2-3 times a day, shut eye, stretch and breathe.

4) If in very bad shape, physiotherapy should be done

For long term relief, only concrete changes in daily lifestyle is the key. Here are a few things he can do:

  1. Conserve energy by reducing digestion. Eat only two cooked meals a day. Have a full breakfast of fruits in morning. Eat as much as you can 2-3 times within a span of 3 hours. Have an early lunch and an early dinner. Each cooked meal to be eaten with a salad. Through the rest of the day, whenever you want to eat, nourish yourself with raw foods such as fruits, veg juices, nuts , sprouts snack etc.
  2. Daily activity and exercise is important. However for this, you will need to align your food first, this will allow body the space and energy to ‘feel’ like exercising.  Till then Neck and Shoulder movements is suggested.
  3. Daily exposure to fresh sunlight/ day light and fresh air is important. Find your 30 minutes daily, and establish that nature connect.  

10:17 AM | 20-11-2018

Cervical pain needs a complete relook at the lifestyle – the farther we are away from nature and nature’s rhythm the more the aches and pains. These are body’s signals to not only correct the daily posture, but take some concrete steps towards giving the body what it needs: 

--- Fresh, raw natural foods

--- Sunlight and Air – through an active lifestyle

--- Rest and Sleep – through ensuring there is lower load of gadgets, more time for the brain to wind down, and a deep restorative sleep for the body to repair

--- Exercise

 Do a lot of exercises of your back and neck. 

Sleep without a pillow.  

Its a posture issue. Get it right, dont' sit in one pose for a long time.

And be physical. Not a good idea to avoid sports for this. It pays and helps to be physically active.

10:20 AM | 20-11-2018

Understanding why the pain is occurring and what is the body indicating, will help your brother, know which actions will support the body to recover.

Pain and inflammation usually accompanies injury. When there is damage the body wants to repair and it indicates this damage through pain. 
The pain you are feeling in the cervical area is an indicator by the body that degeneration in that area is faster than regeneration and the body needs help with repair. 

Over time through the following we keep adding to the toxicity of our bodies:

  • Wrong foods (i.e unnatural, processed, packaged and very high degree of cooked foods)

  • Lack of ample sunlight and air – whether we may acknowledge or not these are key ingredients for the body to repair, and regenerate

  • Lack of proper rest and sleep

  • Lack of exercise, activity – we just find the cycle of ‘busyness’ too hard to break!

This is what creates damage in the body. 

Filtration & cleansing up of blood is done by the liver. Digestion too is done by the liver. If our digestion is higher, filtration slows down. This causes toxicity to accumulate. And we see all our symptoms build over time. 

In order to support function of cleansing, we need to eat foods that are predigested, high in nutrient density and leaves an alkaline residue. This nature has created only through Fruits, Veggies, Nuts and Sprouts and all herbs and spices. This needs to be added at the right time, in the right combination for function to get enhanced.

Be rest assured that with right food choices and time to rest, sleep and being active his body will reverse this condition very well.

10:18 AM | 20-11-2018

He should evaluate wheat and its impact on his health. And then ofcourse lots of raw food, concoction of lemon, ginger and haldi shots; deactivation, stretching and sunlight.

No long hours on the phone and lap top; you cannot imagine how important this is. Long gadget hours add to our toxic load. Our body especially when going through pain and inflammation needs more rest time. Create a schedule where you are able to provide enough gadget-downtime to your body.

Shoulder n neck exercises..use a special contour pillow...regular exercise is the key.

10:15 AM | 20-11-2018

Accupressure can be used as a temporary measure to handle the pain.

You can also try yoga therapy under the guidance of a seasoned yoga teacher.

You can check out the article on Cervical Spondilitis in the Body Wisdom section for more tips.

10:27 AM | 04-09-2018

This is body’s way of saying don’t over exert. One has to make sure the practices that add to body’s load such as long work hours and high time on laptop is counter balanced through better foods, exercise, chance to connect to sun & Air and ample rest and good quality sleep.

Currently, the body is indicating that it is building up acidic toxicity and hence repair is lower.

He should eat diet rich in fruits & raw veggies. This will help in clearing the toxic waste in the body, whose accumulation leads to lifestyle health issues such as cervical. Also, these foods are easy to digest. Only when digestive load is less, body can focus on correcting the pain.

There is no substitute for rest & taking regular breaks from work.


10:45 AM | 11-09-2020

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