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09:09 AM | 10-01-2020

Is there any remedy for hearing loss besides hearing aids?

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4 Answers

02:20 PM | 10-01-2020

Dear health Seeker Vikas, 

Since age has not been mentioned, it is perceived that it is not age-related, and you are in your prime of age and health.  At the outset I may mention that all your health issues can be reversed back to health provided you follow the eternal laws of nature governing our organism, hearing loss can be reversed back to normalcy. 

 Out of the four eliminating organs viz, skin, bowels, urine and breathing, the health of skin plays a very important role in eliminating laid down toxins in the body and if the health of skin sluggish means elimination is lagging behind, and will ultimately result in many health issues. All our efforts to be taken to make all the eliminating organs work at the optimum, for that to achieve please follow as under:- 

  1. Ensure to eat only when sufficient true hunger is there to digest the food eaten. We must eat to live and not live to eat.
  2. As a  start drink any alkaline juice either of the following, ash gourd, bilva Patra, banana pith. 
  3. Sunbathing in the early morning sun for  25 minutes, followed by a spinal bath or full bath. 
  4. Some simple yogic asanas. 
  5. A  wet  pack over the abdomen for 20 minutes 
  6. Fruit salads or vegetable salads in breakfast. 
  7. Conservatively cooked vegetables and raw salads with enough coconut scrappings in lunch. 
  8. Fruit juice at or around 4 PM if there's a  sufficiency of hunger, if not then avoid. 
  9. Conservatively  cooked  vegetables plus  one or two roti or small quantity of rice in dinner
  10. Needless to mention that avoid all enervating foods tea and coffee, processed, manufactured, preserved foods, habits and above all totally avoid animal products. 

All your health issues including  HEARING LOSS will be radically cured within a short period.

V.S.Pawar                    Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 


02:14 PM | 10-01-2020

Hello Vikas,

There has been quite a talk about the new research happening in the field of Acupuncture for reversing complete hear loss.

It would be helpful if you meet an Acupuncture therapist.

All the best with the same.

Thank you.

01:27 PM | 13-01-2020

Sir, l have been suffering from discproblem  due to disc bulge 

01:26 PM | 13-01-2020

If the hearing loss is due to fluid accumulation in the ear or due to middle ear problems, following the principals of natural living will improve it a lot. 

In case of inner ear hearing loss which means damage to the inner ear, it will take longer time.

If the hearing loss is from birth, it may not be possibel to reverse it.


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