10:10 AM | 15-01-2020

Can you pls tell me why my lipomas are painful and under my left breast there is pain. In the X-ray also doctors found something round shaped. And I can't sit for long time. What to do?

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03:22 PM | 15-01-2020

Dear health seeker Nancy, 

Generally, the Lipomas are painless unless of course, they grow over some nerves. Please find herewith the program to be followed, which will take care of your all physical discomfort, pain etc. and Lipomas will no more trouble u. Lipoma are generally soft deposits of fatty material that grow under the skin, causing round or oval lumps are usually benign lumps and not cancerous, they do not cause any problems other than a pain in cases where they grow against a nerve. They remain in the body for long periods harmlessly. However, since it is abnormality it has to be taken care of by living hygienically as per the eternal laws governing our organism. First of all the poor health of the skin is responsible in conjunction with poor elimination of toxins by other three organs lungs, bowels and urine. All four organs should optimally work to keep the body spic and span, free from any uneasiness i.e. disease.

  1. Drink  alkaline juices of either bael Patra, ash gourd, cucumber, carrots 
  2. Go sun basking and brisk walking, follow up by  cold water bath and spinal bath 
  3. Breakfast of fruits and coconuts or salads and coconuts 
  4. Lunch of  vegetables raw and cooked without oil spices and condiments and no tadaka of onions and garlic, 
  5. Drink fruit juices or coconut water or any one kind of fruit in the evening. 
  6. Apply the cold abdominal pack for 20 minutes twice in a day 
  7. Dinner to be of vegetables raw and cooked and one or two roti or a small bowl of rice.
  8. Avoid all junk foods fast food, energy drinks, food supplements, all animal products smoke, alcohol tobacco etc. And the Lipoma will be taken care of by mother nature Last but not least wear cotton clothes, "Don't apply anything on your skin which you can not eat."

V.S.Pawar                       Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 

03:12 PM | 15-01-2020

Madam, if fatty tissue in the breast becomes damaged or broken down, fat necrosis may occur. Necrosis might be explained as the death of tissue Noncancerous lumps can form in the breast. They may be painful. A lipoma is a soft, a noncancerous lump that is generally movable and painless. The x-ray findings might be showing the dead fat tissues. A lipoma is a lump or abnormal growth under the skin that occurs due to an overgrowth of fat cells. Most people also have concerns about the cosmetic appearance or aesthetic looks of lipomas. Lipomas can occur anywhere on the body where fat cells are present, but they tend to appear on the shoulders, chest, trunk, neck, thighs, and armpits. Lipoma run in families due to the inheritance of a faulty gene from their parents that can cause one or more lipomas. This is rare and is known as familial multiple lipomatosis. Lipomas can occur more frequently in people with specific medical conditions, such as Gardner's syndrome, Cowden syndrome, Madelung's disease, adiposis dolorosa.

Herbal remedies which are a part of natural therapies could be helpful to treat lipomas

  1. Turmeric-The magical spice of Curcuma aromatics can help in decreasing the size and prevent recurrence of lipomas. The enzyme curcumin in turmeric which helps in dealing with lipomas. A mask of turmeric can be applied on the lipoma. To prepare the mask, you can add 1 tsp of turmeric to olive oil to form a soft paste. Apply this paste on the lipoma and cover it with a bandage to avoid colouring from turmeric's yellow dye.
  2. Sage -Sage is a herb that can be used as a natural treatment for lipomas. The herb is commonly used in cooking and has properties that can attract fat. Applying sage extract over a lipoma can help in dissolving the lipoma naturally. Additionally, the herb also helps in balancing fluids in the body. Imbalance of fluids in the fatty tissue can lead to a condition like a lipoma.
  3. Thuja Occidentalis-A member of the cedar family, thuja which is used to treat for any growth on and under the skin. In order to use thuja as a natural treatment for lipomas, you need to add the extract of thuja in water and apply it on the lipoma. You need to apply the paste around 3 times every day.
  4. Chickweed-Chickweed is a herb which is a common ingredient in ointments. Chickweed can also be used to draw excess water from the body and reduce the accumulation of fats like lipomas.

To Relieve Pain

A compress using cloth could be wrapped over the chest which might be so useful on a daily basis for at least 45 minutes morning and evening.

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