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09:54 AM | 20-01-2020

My daughter is 30 years old and her hair is thinning gradually and also falling. Her hair is especially thin at the centre. She has tried a lot of allopathic remedies, but no use. Can there be any cure?

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6 Answers

07:19 PM | 20-01-2020

A high protein diet is necessary to depend on at this point. Green leafy vegetables, seeds, almonds and walnuts are high sources of proteins. With this, you can start with hair packs like:

1. Onion hair pack: Onion juice with lemons helps in improving the quality of hair.

2. Methi powder with water helps in aiding hair growth by improving thickness and reducing hair fall.

3. Warm coconut oil and let curry leaves splutter in it, this mixture when used for head massages, will help in improving blood circulation and treat all hair issues.

Hope my suggestions help.

Thank you

11:35 AM | 22-01-2020


Hairfall hair thinness occurs due to the wrong lifestyle and stress in the day to day life. Advise your daughter to follow proper diet and lifestyle.

Eat the right nutrients and proper lifestyle is the most important.

  • Diet plays an important role in the strength and health of hair. 
  • Proteins, fats, and certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for hair health. 
  • It’s is important to have protein, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, magnesium, and vitamin B12 for improving hair strength. 
  • To ensure you get all the nutrients, consume foods, like fruits and vegetables especially green leafy Vegetables, sprouted grams, dry fruits nuts, beans, sweet potatoes, etc. 
  • Include green leafy vegetables especially curry leaves, mint leaves, spinach, drumstick leaves in your diet.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Avoid milk and milk products.
  • Avoid preserved and fries oily food items.
  • Avoid refined sugar and flour. 
  • Avoid non-veg.Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours daily. 
  • Keep the hair clean. Avoid dust and pollution.

Head Massage

Massaging head using coconut oil/sesame oil will for hair growth, it helps to get the hair follicles to get strengthened and improves blood circulation to the scalp, leads to abundant nutritional supply to the hair follicle. Hair gets strengthened and prevents hair thinning and promotes hair.

Avoid taking hot showers

Hot showers dehydrate strands, and strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dry, brittle hair that’s more prone to breakage always use water at lukewarm or normal temperature.  

  • Use mild natural shampoos and conditioners.
  • Avoid chemical shampoos, hair colors and conditioners.


Both sudden and chronic stress can disturb the hair growth, Use stress-relieving techniques like deep relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and meditation. Do regular physical activities like jogging, walking, skipping, etc.


Practising regular Yoga promotes blood circulation to specific parts of the body like the scalp. Sufficient oxygen supplies to the scalp and prevents hair loss.

Following asanas help to improve your hair growth.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Position.
  • Vajrasana or Diamond Pose.
  • Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend.
  • Sirsasana or Head Stand Pose.
  • Ustrasana or Camel Pose.
  • Pawanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose.
  • Sarvanagsana or Shoulder stand pose

Pranayama: Kaphala Bhati, Nadi Shodhana and Bhramari.

Natural remedies to prevent Hairfall and improve hair growth:

Aloe vera gel

  • Take 2 teaspoons of gel from an aloe vera leaf. Blend the gel to a smooth consistency. Apply it on the scalp and massaging the gel gently with your fingertips. After massaging your scalp for about 5 minutes with the gel, leave it on for a 10- 15 minutes. Rinse it out with warm water.
  • Aloe vera helps heal and repair dead skin cells and stimulate hair growth from inactive hair follicles, increasing hair volume. Daily consumption (internal in empty stomach) of aloe vera juice is also helpful in promoting hair growth.

Curry leaves

  • Take a handful of fresh curry leaves and grind with some water to make a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins then rinse it with normal water. (use weekly once or twice).
  • Curry leaves help in the promotion of hair growth and also in retaining natural hair color.


  • Take 2 tsp of amla powder and lime juice mix it and make a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins then rinse it with normal water. ( use weekly once or twice).
  • The high amounts of vitamin C in this pack helps boost the collagen levels in your scalp, strengthens the hair and increases hair growth.

Fenugreek seeds

  • Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight.  In the morning, blend the seeds with a little bit of the water and make a thick, smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins then rinse it with normal water. ( use weekly once or twice).
  • It helps to reduce dandruff and dryness, and also soothes the scalp of any inflammation or aggravation and improves hair quality.

Henna leaves

  • Take a handful of fresh henna leaves and grind with some water to make a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to your hair and scalp; gently massage it in from the roots to the tips of the hair. Leave it for 15-20 mins then rinse it with normal water. (use weekly once or twice).
  • Henna helps to strengthen the hair shaft, balances the pH. of the scalp and condition the hair and prevents hair breakage.


07:54 PM | 21-01-2020

Hair quality is also related to premature aging. The main reason for such things can sometimes be the abnormal increase in hormones in the body. Hormones come from animal products majorly. Stop that and for some time you will see a hair fall of all the bad hair and new growth will start overtime. If unchecked now, it can also start premature greying. Further deterioration can be controlled by a good lifestyle majorly with fruits. Fruits ensure longevity and health both. Raw vegetables also do it, but fruits do that job of cleanup very much. Another reason is to keep off the body from all forms of chemicals - may it be soaps, shampoos or adulterated oils. The body also can not tolerate hot water as it spends energy in cooling it. It’s best to take a head bath with body temperature water. Don’t expose the hair to breeze that will disturb the roots when we go out in an open vehicle like a scooter. It will be easy to discuss this personally and advise because hair quality gets impacted by many reasons physical emotional and mental.

Hygiene factors like this help the hair in general

  • Avoid refined oils, fried food, packaged ready to eat foods, dairy in any form including ghee, refined salt, and sugar, gluten, refined oils, meat, eggs, fish, coffee, tea, alcohol, oils in any form.

  • Avoid mental stress by not thinking about things you cannot control. The present is inevitable. The future can be planned. Stay happy, happiness is only inside yourself. The world around you is a better place if you learn to stay happy inside yourself. Reach us if you need more help in this area. Emotional stress can cascade the effects. Thank your body and love it


If you need to consult with me personally, reach me here -https://rzp.io/l/1LR1mH1

Be blessed.

Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

07:49 PM | 21-01-2020


We all loose certain strands of hair daily. But, at the same time, the body grows new. Sometimes there is only hair loss and there is no growth. There could be various reasons for this. It could be any hormonal imbalance, stress, chemicals used, lack of sleep, etc. When the body is unable to get rid of its toxins it performs other functions for its survival rather than taking up the growth and repair of the body. Therefore, the growth of new hair stands is given a backseat and it performs its other functions. Health begins from within.

Some quick remedies which would help are:

  • Use of mix of almond and castor oil or coconut and castor oil. Apply it and leave it for a few hours.
  • Wash of hair with reetha (soap nut) and shikaki.
  • Rub the roots of hair with onion juice.
  • Use curry leaves and apply the paste on hair.

Lifestyle changes

  • Include plenty of raw fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. These contain essential nutrients which are important components of many hormones and many body functions. They are also alkaline in nature which your body requires to maintain its ph.
  • Make sure you consume fruits for breakfast since the body is in the elimination phase and you would help your body.
  • Make sure you sleep well. Your body recovers and repairs during this time.
  • Avoid all animal food including dairy. They are acidic for the body and create a load on the system.
  • Avoid all packed, processed, sugary and fried food. All of them are high in sugar, oil and coloring agents. These all create a hormonal imbalance and are difficult to digest. They are all acidic foods.
  • Expose to sunshine in the morning hours. This releases happy hormones.
  • Make sure you clear your bowels every day.
  • Do not use any chemicals, shampoos, etc on your hair.
  • Physical activity is important to release any stress.

You could read the bloghttps://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/154/healthy-hair-nourish-your-crowning-glory-from-within


Wishing you Good Health!

Thank you


04:15 PM | 21-01-2020

Hi. You may find this blog useful -  Healthy Hair - Nourish your crowning glory.

07:21 PM | 20-01-2020


कारण - बाल हमारे शरीर का हिस्सा है। बालों में पोषक तत्व की कमी, ठीक प्रकार से ऑक्सिजन का संचार, और पेट में प्रदाह (inflammation) के कारण बाल झड़ते हैं। अन्य समस्या होती है।

समाधान - सर पर सूती कपड़ा बाँध कर उसके ऊपर खीरा और मेहंदी या करी पत्ते का पेस्ट लगाएँ,नाभि पर खीरा का पेस्ट लगाएँ।पैरों को 20 मिनट के लिए सादे पानी से भरे किसी बाल्टी या टब में डूबो कर रखें।

जीवन शैली -   हम उसको आहार शुद्धि से मदद करें।

बार बार कुछ भी खाने से बचे फल के बाद 3 घंटे का अंतराल (gap) रखें। क्षार (alkaline) जूस के बाद 1घंटे का अंतराल रखें। कच्चे सब्ज़ियों के सलाद के बाद 5 घंटे का अंतराल रखें। अनाज और पकी हुई सब्ज़ी अगर तेल रहित (oil free) के बाद 8 घंटे का तेल घी का प्रयोग किया गया हो तो 12 से 13 घंटे का अंतराल रखें।

रोज़ाना 15 घंटे का उपवास करें जैसे रात का भोजन 7 बजे तक कर लिया और सुबह का नाश्ता 9 बजे लें। त्वचा या शरीर के किसी भी हिस्से को स्वस्थ प्रदान करने के लिए ज़रूरी है।

सुबह लंबा गहरा स्वाँस अंदर भरें और रुकें फिर पूरे तरीक़े से स्वाँस को ख़ाली करें रुकें फिर स्वाँस अंदर भरें ये एक चक्र हुआ। ऐसे 10 चक्र एक टाइम पर करना है। ये दिन में चार बार करें।

सूर्य उदय के एक घंटे बाद या सूर्य अस्त के एक घंटे पहले का धूप शरीर को ज़रूर लगाएँ। सर और आँख को किसी सूती कपड़े से ढक कर। जब भी लेंटे अपना दायाँ भाग ऊपर करके लेटें ताकि आपकी सूर्य नाड़ी सक्रिय रहे।

खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें या खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा कर सकते हैं।

मेरुदंड (स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें। हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें और हफ़्ते में 3 दिन मेरुदंड का स्नान करें। मेरुदंड स्नान के लिए अगर टब ना हो तो एक मोटा तौलिया गीला कर लें बिना निचोरे उसको बिछा लें और अपने मेरुदंड को उस स्थान पर रखें। 

कच्चे सब्ज़ी का जूस आपका मुख्य भोजन है। अगले सुबह ख़ाली पेट इनमे से कोई भी हरा जूस लें।पेठे (ashguard ) का जूस लें और  नारियल पानी भी ले सकते हैं। बेल का पत्ता 8 से 10 पीस कर 100ml पानी में मिला कर छान कर पीएँ। खीरा 1/2 भाग + धनिया पत्ती (10 ग्राम) पीस लें, 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। दुब घास 25 ग्राम पीस कर छान कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ।

ये जूस सुबह नाश्ते से एक घंटे पहले लें। नाश्ते में फल लें। दोपहर के खाने से एक घंटा पहले हरा जूस लें। खाने में सलाद नमक सेंधा ही प्रयोग करें। नमक की पके हुए खाने में भी बहुत कम लें। सब्ज़ी पकने बाद उसमें नमक डालें। नमक पका कर या अधिक खाने से शरीर में (fluid)  की कमी हो जाती।

सलाद दोपहर 1बजे बिना नमक के खाएँ तो अच्छा होगा क्योंकि नमक सलाद के गुणों को कम कर देता है। सलाद में हरे पत्तेदार सब्ज़ी को डालें और नारियल पीस कर मिलाएँ। कच्चा पपीता 50 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। कभी सीताफल ( yellow pumpkin)50 ग्राम ऐसे ही डालें। कभी सफ़ेद पेठा (ash gurad) 30 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। ऐसे ही ज़ूकीनी 50 ग्राम डालें।कद्दूकस करके डालें।कभी काजू बादाम अखरोट मूँगफली भिगोए हुए पीस कर मिलाएँ। लाल, हरा, पीला शिमला मिर्च 1/4 हिस्सा हर एक का मिलाएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी लें।

रात के खाने में इस अनुपात से खाना खाएँ 2 कटोरी सब्ज़ी के साथ 1कटोरी चावल या 1रोटी लें। रात 8 बजे के बाद कुछ ना खाएँ, 12 घंटे का (gap) अंतराल रखें। 8बजे रात से 8 बजे सुबह तक कुछ नहीं खाना है।

एक नियम हमेशा याद रखें ठोस(solid) खाने को चबा कर तरल (liquid) बना कर खाएँ। तरल  को मुँह में घूँट घूँट पीएँ। खाना ज़मीन पर बैठ कर खाएँ। खाते वक़्त ना तो बात करें और ना ही TV और mobile को देखें।ठोस  भोजन के तुरंत बाद या बीच बीच में जूस या पानी ना लें। भोजन हो जाने के एक घंटे बाद तरल पदार्थ  ले सकते हैं।

जानवरों से उपलब्ध होने वाले भोजन वर्जित हैं।

तेल, मसाला, और गेहूँ से परहेज़ करेंगे तो अच्छा होगा। चीनी के जगह गुड़ लें।

हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास करें। शाम तक केवल पानी लें, प्यास लगे तो ही पीएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी और रात 8 बजे सलाद लें।



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