10:04 AM | 21-01-2020

Why my complexion is not changing even after eating healthy food, home remedies and using skin whitening creams?

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3 Answers

06:25 PM | 21-01-2020

Hello Natasha,

The complexion is a gift we inherit from our family this is the best thing which happens to us as our skin is gifted from them. Using whitening creams will only make your skin damaged and your natural shine will go. Advice would be to take is instead of changing your complexion to enhance your skin by giving them a healthy glow.

A diet rich in Vitamin C helps in increasing skin quality and helps in treating any sort of skin issue. Orange, lemon, grapes, papaya, sprouts, sweet potatoes helps in improving skin quality. Berries, like strawberries, mulberries, pumpkin, etc help in the quality of life.

With these you can use these Face packs:

1. Beetroot flax seeds: Crush the beetroot and flax gel and mix it. Use this gel alternate days this helps in improving skin quality.

2. Gram flour and turmeric: Gram flour and turmeric with the addition of rose water helps in keeping the skin away from acne.

3. Massage your face daily with coconut oil and aloe vera gel together in the night, and see your skin getting the glassy glow.

Hope your suggestions daily

Thank you

11:14 AM | 22-01-2020


Sharing some resources for you to understand skin from nature's perspective

  1. Skin – An indicator of good health
  2. Free Yourself from Harmful Chemicals – Switch to Natural Beauty Products

11:10 AM | 22-01-2020


  • Eating healthy food, fruits and vegetables will improve your health and skin tone. 
  • It will not change the complexion of the skin. You can get a glowing supple skin. 
  • Color of the skin depends on your skin pigmentation and genetic. 
  • Consuming carotenoids rich food like carrot, papaya and beetroot regular leads to yellowish skin tone.
  • To light your skin tone you can use natural skin lightening packs like.
  1. Potato: crush potato and apply on the face and necessary areas.  Keep it for 10-20 mins then rinse.  Using regularly can lighten your skin complexion. You can use cucumber also. 
  2. Take 2-3 tsp besan flour 1-2 tsp sandalwood powder mix well using rose water. Apply on the face,  keep it for 15-20 mins then rinse. 
  3. Take nuts like flaxseeds seeds, walnuts and almond rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
  4. Consume more green leafy vegetables and orange and yellow coloured vegetables and fruits.
  5. Taking regular mud bath also helps to get good skin complexion. 
  6. Consume more whole grains. 
  7. Avoid direct sunlight.
  8. Drink more water and always keep hydrated.
  9. Avoid junk foods. 


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