11:39 AM | 26-01-2020

I have dark pimple like spots on both of my hands right from upper part of palm to shoulder. It is dry and itchy also. What is this, what's the reason for this and treatment?

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3 Answers

08:05 PM | 27-01-2020

Dear health seeker Tejas, 

Yes, Nature cure has a radical cure for skin diseases, What is commonly known as prickly heat (medically termed eczema Solare) Is an acute inflammation of the sweat glands, characterized by the formation of red papules and vesicles, with intense itching and burning of the skin. 
     I have successfully treated a lady patient 35 yrs., mother of two daughters. She had tried Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda for close to 2 to 3 years, but without any results. Doctors advised that the complete cure may take many years yet radical cure may be or may not be., She would have continued with it but she was scared to the hilt because her younger daughter was only 2 years old and all the time the baby would hug the mother, sleep with her and may catch her disease. 
    She came to me as a last resort but was apprehensive if nature cure could treat such a case, in fact, the majority of people don't know what nature cure is about. I assured her that she would be alright within the shortest possible time. The treatment was as under.
   1. She was asked to stop using any cosmetic aids, face cream, talcum powder, nail polish, deodorants, shampoo, bathing soap, to wear only cotton clothes, rubber, plastic footwear was to be avoided. 
2. Sunbath 30 minutes duration early morning followed by a cold water bath. 
3. Cut down or minimize the use of salt (salt aids in inducing itching).
4. All cereal breakfast was stopped, salads or locally grown fruits along with 1/4th of coconut were recommended instead.
5.Drink of banana pith or bilva Patra juice first thing in the morning followed by coconut water.
6.Lunch of vegetables raw and cooked with 2 rotis or rice. 
7.Fruit juice or fruits in the evening. 
8.Vegetables raw and cooked with coconut in dinner. 
9.Abdominal wet pack  20 minutes. 
10. She had to expose to air whenever possible. 
   She reported a remarkable recovery in two months flat and came thanking me with lots of thanksgiving. 
   V.S.Pawar MIINT1980

05:41 PM | 27-01-2020

 Dear Tejas,

Any formulation on the oldest surface of the skin is the indication of discomfort in the body. It indicates that proper elimination is not happening. It also indicates an increased level of toxicity in the body.

In yoga, there are ways to ensure proper digestion of food like slow eating, eating in a relaxed state and not drinking anything for at least 45 minutes after you eat food. To address the higher level of toxicity, diet correction is required. Focus on having the food which is Sattvic including fruits and vegetables. The other recommendation is deep breathing practice. In addition, Pawanmuktasana part one will greatly help. You also need to observe your breathing button. When the right nostril is active, it helps in spitting up the digestion. There are Dynamic forms of asanas like Surya namaskar asana, (spinal twist) meru vakrasana and chakki chalana asana (churning the mill) that will activate pancreas, support proper assimilation of food.

To support the elimination process, practice kavua chalasana (crow walking pose) along with sarpasana, tadasana, kati chakrasana. Practise external form of dhauti (tvacha dhauti) while breathing normally, massaging the outer area around the pimple in a circular motion. 

Food discipline

Avoid eating anything which puts a load on the digestive system after the sunset. If it is not feasible, then switch to the food which is easy to digest like salad or fruit or soup. Avoid food which causes toxicity like excess intake of protein, dairy, or grain and oily food.

04:04 PM | 27-01-2020

Clear and healthy skin is a reflection of your insides. If the insides are unclean, then skin will be forced to eliminate that. Pimples or pimple-like boils are a reflection of your body's internal health.

Feed the body the food it's designed to eat, such as fruits vegetables and greens in abundance it will reflect back on your face. It is also extremely important that you switch to whole food plant-based lifestyle which does not include dairy eggs meat fish or any products that contain ingredients coming from animals, sugar coffee tea oils( extremely important)

I have seen children who are on a plant-based diet and consuming junk like chips also have issues like pimples. Hence I would like to focus your attention on raw fruits veggies greens intake as a cooked meal replacement to see results. I have successfully worked with a child on this issue and after making her day go with one oil-free cooked, gluten-free, fruits for breakfast and salads for dinner, it cleared in 2 months. It’s very important that you also hydrate your body when you wake up with either limewater or cucumber juice.

Let me know if you have questions

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (educator of natural healing practices)

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