05:25 PM | 27-01-2020

I'm 20 yrs old and want to loss my belly fat. I want to be strong. Can you pls guide me. I'm vegetarian. What can I eat? My current weight is 73 kgs.

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11:12 AM | 28-01-2020

Hi, massage ur belly with coconut oil daily before bath on an empty stomach . It take sometimes like 1 month bt doing it regularly  must help u to get rid of belly fat. Secondly add running to your daily routine. Regularly doing these two must help u a lot..... 

02:02 PM | 28-01-2020

Weight loss is a beautiful side effect after starting a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that the body has as less digestion intensive foods as possible. Typically in a wrong lifestyle, we tend to carry excess weight in the form of toxins and excess fat that the body was not able to process or melt, excess rotting faecal wastes, traces of heavy metals etc. when we consume foods that satisfy our hunger but also keeps the body less busy indigestion, body starts doing a spring cleaning. If cleaning is done as a lifestyle then such exercises keep us healthy and if we follow it like a diet, in no time the junk is back usually with a vengeance and more severity. This is exactly why most unnatural weight loss programmes become successful after promising a 5 KG loss and people don't lose anything beyond that so they tend to make the money and also keep you dissatisfied. To lose weight consistently and also to maintain health one must understand how the body works and also maintain the lifestyle and not a diet.

People accumulate an unhealthy Lifestyle excess majorly through consuming animal products such as dairy and its derivatives, meat, eggs, fish, refined sugars, refined sweeteners, refined oils, excess consumption of Oil ghee in cooking, excess consumption of grains and various cooked foods, Fried foods, eating out too frequently, consuming excess salt in snacks, leading a sedentary lifestyle lack of enough hydration, excess consumption of nuts and seeds, Fried foods, eating out too frequently, consuming excess salt in snacks, leading a sedentary lifestyle, zero exposure to sun, emotional disturbances, physical stress et cetera

If you replace all of these with Natural foods such as fruits vegetables leafy greens in abundance, exercises for 1 hr daily, exposure to natural elements, enough hydration, mental peace, resting well, you will achieve your desired results beyond expectations. Belly fat/fat in any place is the unique way body accumulates fats. You must replace those fats with muscles for a toned abdomen. This has to be done only with exercises. There are no shortcuts. In addition to healthy food habits(mandatory), exercising is a must. At 20, you must be really working out for 1.5-2 hrs that includes functional, CrossFit and weights.

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri ( Holistic lifestyle coach )

11:17 AM | 28-01-2020


Here are some resources that you may find useful:

  1. Real-life experiences speak for themselves. Please read stories on losing weight naturally here. All these experiences are based on following a natural lifestyle, whole plant-based foods, high intake of raw foods. 

  2. Read this article - Weightloss or self love, what are we seeking?

  3. Follow the thread to a similar query - How to reduce belly fat?

Adopting a natural lifestyle will help you in achieving your health goals. Wellcure’s Nature-Nurtures Program helps you in making the transition, step by step. You may read more about it here

07:36 PM | 27-01-2020


A Whole plant-based diet would help you get rid of unwanted fat combined with other lifestyle changes. It is wonderful that you are a vegetarian. Apart from this, it is important to leave dairy and dairy products since they are all acidic for the body. The body works best in an alkaline medium. A highly acidic environment forces the body to leach calcium from the bone reserves to maintain hemostasis. Thereby making the bones brittle. Lets briefly look as to why an individual gains weight.

When we eat food it gets converted by the body to glucose. This is used by the body to carry out various functions. When there is excess food the body converts this and stores in the muscles as glycogen and if there is still excess it stores in the fat cells for later use. This fat is in the form of adipose tissue. When there is a drop in the blood sugar levels and there is no supply of food, the body releases energy from the muscles and fat. All high sugary foods, dairy and animal foods, fried and processed foods alter the ph. of the body. They create an acidic environment. Due to this, the body needs to protect itself from the toxins and thereby produce more fat cells in order to protect itself. When you switch to fruits and vegetables it helps create an alkaline ph. and thereby helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

The following lifestyle changes are recommended:

  • Include lots of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. They all contain essential vitamins and minerals for the normal functioning of the body. They contain fiber which would help you get rid of excess weight. Fibre gives a feeling of satiety and fullness.
  • Avoid excess of tea, coffee. This also triggers the production of cortisol. Which in turn signals the body that there is some kind of stress and danger.
  • Exposure to sunshine and proper rest and sleep are also of prime importance. They release happy hormones. Apart from this Vitamin D from the sun is essential for many functions in the body. The deficiency of Vitamin D is especially seen in overweight individuals.
  • Manage stress either by some physical activity or deep breathing. This calms the body down. This helps the body to understand that there is no urgency and it can repair and heal.
  • Adequate sleep. The body repairs and heals during sleep.
  • Apart from the above-chewing food slowly and avoid distraction from electronic gadgets while eating is equally essential.

Wishing You Good Health Always!

Thank you


09:03 PM | 27-01-2020

Thank you so much


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