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01:51 PM | 28-01-2020

I have thyroid issue as a post hysterectomy aftermath. Pls advise how do I take care of my weight loss under these circumstances?

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4 Answers

05:57 PM | 30-01-2020

We can empathize with your situation. Going through a hormone imbalance after an operation is causing an obstruction for you, but do not allow this to be a hindrance in your objective to get an ideal weight. The nature-dependent diet will surely help you.

You can read this blog for more information,https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/234/weight-loss-or-self-love-what-are-we-seeking

Consuming methi powder seeds in the morning will help you in treating the weight loss. Do not neglect exercise, 15 days after the operation you can start with your regular cardio exercise. Swimming and yoga are the best things to include at this time. Squats pull-ups and sets of suryanamaskar are helpful in this state. A diet filled with green vegetables and fruits is really good for enhancing your weight loss.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you.

Thank you

11:07 AM | 30-01-2020

Hi. Please refer to the below resources to understand more about thyroid & Nature Cure.

  1. Blog - Hypo or hyper thyroid - Correct imbalance naturally

  2. Real-life natural healing stories of people who cured thyroid issues just by following Natural Laws.  

  3. For weight loss stories - click here


Do note that weight loss is a by-product of correcting your lifestyle. People with thyroid issues struggle with losing weight. But as you switch to a natural lifestyle, the body also reaches its optimum weight. You can explore our Nature-Nurtures Program that helps you in making the transition, step by step. We will guide you on diet, sleep, exercise, stress to correct your existing routine & make it in line with Natural Laws.   

10:53 AM | 03-02-2020

Your thyroid has not got impacted as a result of the uterus removal. In fact, the lifestyle is such that, the acidic levels and toxins are so high that viral activity has been severe to get to a stage of removal of the organ and now that has found a new organ to infest. 

Even now if you decide to change your lifestyle this organ can be saved too. It's the overall hormonal imbalance that is the result of lifestyle. Always question the root cause. 

We may need to have a deeper understanding of the real causes of the malfunction of your thyroid gland. It mostly starts with an emotional stress which moves to become a hormonal imbalance further leading to accumulation of toxins, which leads to germs coming to feed on that.

By the time the thyroid issue is detected, the viruses that are active in the body and causing inflammation to the organs have already impacted the related organs. It’s already in a state of merry by the time blood reports detect it. Having said that, fixing the inflammation of the thyroid and related toxaemia is the solution. If you bring in the deficit hormones which are made artificially from animal parts or synthetically, the inflammation or thyroid suddenly does not function back. Chemical load in the blood will further complicate the issue. It’s best to kill and eliminate the infections of the thyroid now than looking for a temporary solution. Thyroid has multiple unknown functions that humans have not discovered yet.. so there are other deficits that are not compensated.

Best to be high on fruits, vegetables and juices and greens and high raw and low fat to attack this issue. Don’t use sugars, dairy, oils, outside packaged foods, jaggery, nuts, seeds too. So it’s best to keep the body high on raw. Nature will take care of all the needs as long you pay attention to what your body needs.

In the Body Wisdom section, we have some interesting articles on varied topics related to natural health and healing. You may want to read these. For example -

Hypo or hyper Thyroid  (https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/201/hypo-or-hyper-thyroid-correct-imbalance-naturally)

And the Health Journeys section of the website is a compilation of stories of people who healed themselves naturally. You may want to read these, for example:

Manoj Misran - for thyroid

Sunmeet Taluja Marwah - for thyroid

If you have any questions reach me 

Thanks and be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (Holistic lifestyle coach )

10:50 AM | 03-02-2020

Dear health seeker, 
Let me quote "once you interfere with the order of Nature one never knows where it is going to hurt you next " by a famous dr. You yourself have written that post-hysterectomy you are suffering from thyroid issues. 
Please go through my blog on the subject, 'HYPO AND HYPERTHYROIDISM TREAT NATURALLY '.

Your health issues of thyroid can be radically cured by following a hygienic lifestyle wherein you will have to leave alone the foods and habits that have landed you in this condition,  your lifestyle should from hereon be highly disciplined to the core. 
Let me tell you that there is no disease only lower level of health which can be reversed back to health provided you follow the eternal laws of nature governing our organism and what are these laws.please follow as under:- 

Out of the four eliminating organs viz, skin, bowels, urine and breathing, health of skin plays very important role in eliminating laid down toxins in the body and if the health of skin sluggish means elimination is lagging behind, and will ultimately result in many health issues over a long period, pimples are also an aftermath of sluggish skin health All out efforts to be taken to make all the eliminating organs work at the optimum, for that to achieve please follow as under:- 

  1. Ensure to eat only when sufficient true hunger is there to digest the food eaten. We must  eat to  live  and not  live to eat 
  2. As a  start drink any alkaline juice either of the following, ashgourd, bilva patra  banana pith. 
  3. Sun bathing in early morning sun for  25 minutes, followed by spinal bath or  full bath 
  4. Some simple  yogic  aasanas 
  5. A  wet  pack over abdomen for 20 minutes twice in the day
  6. Fruit salads or  vegetables salads in  breakfast 
  7. Conservatively  cooked  vegetables and  raw  salads with  enough  coconut scrappings in lunch 
  8. Fruit  juice  at or  around 4 PM if  there's  a  sufficiency of  hunger, if not then avoid 
  9. Conservatively  cooked  vegetables plus  one or two roti or small quantity of rice in dinner 
  10. Needless to mention that avoid all enervating foods, tea and coffee, processed, manufactured, preserved foods, habits, eschew all animal products, flesh foods etc. and Stop using any medication forthwith. 
  11. Apply a wet pack over and around your neck, and some neck exercises will prove to be very helpful in riding over your TSH, thyroid gland problems      

   V.S.Pawar            Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 1980

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